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Sometimes I get rid of a fanlisting or two. And incase I do, I will make sure these people are "Kept In Mind" about it. Hell, sometimes I offer fanlistings to people that have been listed here and skip the whole adoption process.
So do you want to be on the list? Just hit me up (lovelylora(@) with your name, email & URL and you will be added.
* means pervious owner and they have first dibs

Beatles, The: Strawberry Fields Forever
Brandika - www

Charmed: Leo Wyatt
*Lisa - www

Heroes: Peter Petrelli
Anne - www
Bura - www
Chrissy - www
Flora - www
Gabrielle - www
Hinder - www
Honey - www
Hoppy - www
Lisa - www
Marina - www
Shannon - www

Jim Carrey
*Bee - www
Deborah - www

Julian McMahon
*Camilla - www

Kings of Leon
Anne - www
*Deborah - www
Lisa - www
Wattle - www

Panic at the Disco
*Tess - www

Taking Back Sunday
Emcy - www

Thomas Jane
Bethy - www
Christina - www

Nat - www

Newest & Random

Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland


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