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The next horror movie Drink brings out several of the popular tropes in horror movies: a small town, a boy with a secret, a supernatural creature lurking at the edges of the screen that appears to have deep roots in the region. Additionally, it also appears that the boy and his father are working together to feed the supernatural creature.

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For those who like any or all of these features in combination, there are plenty of other horror movies that offer some of the same pleasures.

Jug Face (2013) – Aired on AMC +

For those who like the small town aspect of the history of Drink, Jug face, a rather obscure horror film from the 2010s, offers more of the same. It revolves around a distant group of villagers who worship a mysterious creature and often sacrifice a member of the village to their hunger.

The film is tense and atmospheric as it focuses on the darker side of human nature and the efforts people put into their religious devotion and desire to survive in the face of relentless evil.

The Pale Door (2020) – Stream On Shudder

The Pale Door Witch

The pale door combines western and horror movie conventions and, like Drink, it involves family dynamics and the horrors that people are willing to perpetrate on each other.

The film succeeds in large part because it manages to bring out the very things that have made the Western genre so violent, and it untangles the ways in which the past encroaches on the future, creating a cycle of violence that is hard to tell. ‘escape.

Pet Semetary (2019) – Stream On Paramount +

Church the cat returns to the land of the living

Stephen King has seen adaptations of his work flourish in recent years, including Pet Seminar, the second film that was made of the book. As Drink, this film has at its center the creature known as Wendigo, who in this case is responsible for resuscitating the dead – both animal and human – that gives the film so much of its poignant horror.

And, like all good horror movies, it also has a larger message, this time about whether one should accept the fact of the permanence of death or do something to reverse it.

The Witch (2015) – Stream On Showtime

Phillip Black from The Witch 2015

Part of what makes a movie like Drink it’s so scary that the evil creature spends so much time hiding out of the frame. It is the dynamic that also makes The witch such a fascinating and unique horror film since for the most part evil does not appear on screen but rather seems to take root in the settlers who were banished from their city.

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And like Drink, The witch also delves deeply into the myths that permeate the American subconscious.

Jeepers Creepers (2001) – Rent on Vudu

Justin Long as Darry in Jeepers Creepers

As with so many other horror movies, there are at least two people in Drink who believe something sinister is going on, and a similar plot is developing in Jeepers when a brother and sister encounter a sinister monster in the Florida countryside.

The creature in this film is one of the most disturbing to emerge from the horror films of the early 2000s and, in a narrative trait that remains one of its best traits, the main character actually kills one of the hero of the film, taking his eyes for his own.

Annihilation (2018) – Stream on FX Now

Lena of Annihilation dressed in combat gear in a forest

Drink means to disturb as much as it frightens. For those who love this particular type of horror, Annihilation is an ideal viewing experience. It focuses on a group of scientists who travel to a mysterious area called The Shimmer, where an alien presence has created fundamental instability in the DNA of all creatures in the region.

It’s a film that asks all kinds of troubling questions, including the nature of identity itself.

It (2017) – Aired on HBO Max

Stephen King excels at telling stories about small towns that are afflicted with a supernatural evil of great antiquity, and this is widely stated in This. The title creature is one of the most disturbing beings to emerge from a horror movie, and the fact that she most often appears as a sinister clown allows her to tap into some of the deeply ingrained fears (at both for the audience and for the characters).

The skillful mix of small town life movie and horror tropes makes it an ideal choice for fans of Drink.

Children of the Corn (1984) – Stream On Hulu

the chief of the Children of the Corn, a little boy wearing a big black hat, looking at the camera meanly

Children of the Corn is yet another of Stephen King’s best adaptations, though the film is more upbeat than the book. It is a good choice for those who like the spooky childish aspect of Drink since the children of the title are convinced that they are worshiping an ancient creature that requires the sacrifice of the adults in their midst.

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It’s a scary movie and a reminder of the power of religious beliefs (especially in horror movies).

The Fog (1980) – Stream on Amazon Prime

The Fog 1980

Small towns with spooky histories make excellent backdrops for a variety of horror films (including Drink, which takes place in a small town in Oregon), and which includes Fog, the classic horror film about a seaside town attacked by ghosts, literally and figuratively, from its past.

It remains a chilling ghost story, especially since vengeful ghosts have every reason to want revenge on the descendants of those responsible for their deaths.

The Wicker Man (1973) – Aired on AMC +

The wicker man burns at the end of the film.

Horror movies often rely on the voyage of discovery, in which a character learns more and more about a sinister evil that he never knew existed, and that will be a key part of the appeal of Drink.

It is also the central narrative of The wicker man, in which a policeman investigates the disappearance of a young girl in an isolated island village, only to realize that he has fallen into a sect that believes in human sacrifice in order to guarantee the harvest. This movie retains its power to shock and destabilize, making it one of the best folk horror movies around.

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