10 performances by Lockport’s Joshua Vacanti on vocals


Lockport native Joshua Vacanti had an impressive performance in NBC season 21 The voice. He reached the show’s semifinals and secured his place in the top 8, but Vacanti couldn’t get enough votes to push him into the top 5 and into the finals.

Vacanti has spent the last few months training and performing on stage for NBC’s The voice, and during his trip on The voice maybe over, this is just the start of Vacanti’s musical career.

From blind auditions of the series to become a staple of Team Legend on The voice, Joshua Vacanti has had several excellent performances on the series this season.

If you missed his incredible performances this season, you can relive them all below.

  1. Into the unknown (from Frozen 2)

2.good 4 u / Olivia Rodrigo

3. Chute / Harry Styles

4. You and me / Lady Gaga

5. You will be found by Dear Evan Hansen

6. The show must go on / Queen

7. If I don’t have you / Alicia Keys

8. Hand in my Pocket (Duo) / Alanis Morissette

9. Ashes / Celine Dion

10. My heart will continue / Céline Dion

Joshua Vacanti also gave a tip of the hat to those who continue to support him around the world, but most notably – his hometown and his compatriots in western New York State.

About Joshua Vacanti

He always enjoyed singing growing up, but around the age of 8 he developed a severe and chronic form of asthma. This medical condition often interrupted Joshua’s musical journey, causing obstacles and regular hospitalizations in his youth.

Healthcare professionals prescribed Vacanti with steroids to help fight asthma complications which caused him to gain weight and as a result some of his classmates teased him for it. Vacanti struggled to find his place during his time at school, but he eventually found this safe haven in the community choir.

Vacanti continued his musical journey in his college studies, and before auditioning for The voice this season, Vacanti would travel and perform with his wife on stage, as well as in their family worship group with Vacanti’s parents.

Apart from the music

Vacanti works as a prevention educator where he talks to children about drug addiction prevention and encourages them to set goals they want to achieve. He’s a major driver of Joshua’s hearing this season. don’t forget to pursue your own dreams.

Follow Joshua Vacanti on Instagram for updates on his musical journey.

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