10 worship songs you need to hear this week

We don’t really know how your summer went. Maybe it’s been full of fun times with your friends and family. Maybe it’s been sad and depressing because you feel overwhelmed by the world. It may have been stressful, working tirelessly. It may be all of the above.

Whatever you are feeling, one of the best things you can do right now is to make time for yourself to worship God. Listening to worship music helps us focus our gaze on our good and perfect Father, who deserves endless praise. We’ve compiled a small list of some of our favorite worship songs that have been released recently. You won’t want to skip any of these:

Phenomena (DA DA) – Hillsong Young & Free

Hillsong Young & Free recorded their new single “Phenomena (DA DA)” in front of a live audience. The song captures the feverish energy of a crowd on fire for god’s sake.

” ‘Phenomenons !’ or also known as ‘da da da da da’, is a song that goes into your head and into your heart,” said Laura Toggs of Hillsong Young & Free. “It’s a song that talks about the true reality we have in Jesus.”

High Praise – Maverick City Music, Tribl

Tribal recordsthe new leading recording house for Christian and gospel artists, released their debut album, Tribl 1 which features notable voices and artists such as Chandler Moore, Naomi Raine, Brandon Lake, Aaron Moses and more. With songs like “High Praise”, which calls us to give all glory and honor to God, this album will surely be repeated for the rest of the summer.

I Say Yes – Kim Walker-Smith

Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith recently recorded his latest EP waking nights on the road in June. His song “I Say Yes” encourages us to let go of everything we put in God’s place and say “yes” to whatever He wants for us.

Miracle in motion – Bryan & Katie Torwalt

“This song is about faith and faithfulness to God,” Bryan shared in a recent interview. “We all have times when it seems almost impossible to have faith. There is something about remembering and sharing testimonies that helps us recognize and have faith in the way God works – to time in the present and how He will be with us no matter what happens in the future “Some might say it is hopeless, they never had to meet my God.”

Anthem of Heaven – Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham’s song about the hope we have in our eternal future gives us absolute chills. “Every prayer we prayed in desperation / Songs of faith / We sang through doubt and fear / In the end we’ll see it was worth it / When he returns to wipe away our tears”

Peace (Live) – We the Kingdom

As a multi-generational family of musicians, We the Kingdom know life can be stressful. In these moments, God calls us to breathe his peace and remember that he is always with us through the ups and downs of life.

Know that you will – Hillsong UNITED

Another Hillsong hit on this list, but this time it’s Hillsong UNITED. “Know You Will” is about the power and faithfulness of God. This infectious song will have you screaming “I don’t know how you’ll make it a way / But I know you will” alongside the band.

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Glory, Glory, (God Is Able) – CROWDER

CROWDER’s recently released album milk and honey is full of holy and beautiful worship songs. And “Glory, Glory (God Is Able)” may be one of the funniest worship songs to be released this summer. The fun beat and catchy lyrics remind us that worshiping GOD is meant to be enjoyable.

Bargain – Riley Clemons

Riley Clemons reminds us that God can work even in our most difficult times. His own stripped down version of “Godsend” lets us focus on the lyrics, which poignantly ask “What if maybe every broken place I’ve been was a godsend?”

Holy Saint here with me – Housefires

Housefires latest album House fires VII contains so many good songs that it was hard to choose just one. From “Holy Holy Here With Me” which reminds us of the pure holiness of God to “Open Up the Doors” which urges us to put whatever takes up space in our lives apart from our Father, the album is full of truths we all need to hear.

You can listen to all the songs below on Spotify: