20 best worship songs to uplift your spirit

Most people use worship songs to raise their spirits. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and confused by the problems of this world, getting closer to God is the best solution. It is important to find the right song to make you worship and dedicate your praise to God. Fortunately, there are so many songs of worship that will help you in your quest as long as you open your heart.

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Religious songs are among the easiest to master and sing. The fact that most of the lyrics are repetitive makes this possible. With so many example numbers, including the famous Hillsong songs, everyone can feel closer to their creator. Check out the examples of worship melodies that will uplift your spirit.

The best gospel worship songs

Choosing the right songs of Christian worship marks the start of a journey to attracting anyone to God. When the worries of the world seem overwhelming and you are lost and all options are gone, the right song can help get you back on track. Sometimes, before you immerse yourself in prayer, you have to create the right environment for it. Christians believe that the Holy Spirit will guide you in choosing the right song if you believe. Here are perfect examples of world famous artists.

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1. How awesome you are – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood launches the list of the best Christian worship songs you should have right at your fingertips. Save it to your favorite playlist for those days when life seems upside down. Even when life seems the darkest and no hope is visible, God is great.

2. God is not dead – Newsboys

It is one of the few perfect songs of praise and worship that works for every Christian. Sometimes you don’t have to argue with people who don’t believe in God. Their disbelief can be contagious and if you’re not careful you can get dragged into the mud. Play this song to remind yourself that although no one else sees it, God is alive and moving in your life. When the time comes, it must surely manifest through you.

3. It’s So Sweet To Trust Jesus – Casting Crowns

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Even if you consider all the songs of Jesus you can find, none beats the ones with the message of assurance. This is a perfect example which all believers find comforting and helpful. When the journey seems long and dreary, trust in Jesus is the only way out. Having Jesus as a friend and an ever-close helper will help your faith grow. You don’t need to know everything or have a clear picture of how life is going to turn out. In the uncertainties of life, trusting Jesus is the best comfort that will help you navigate your life.

4. Oceans (where feet can fail) – Hillsong UNITED

Hillsong’s worship songs are among the most popular in the world. The group will help you get closer to God through their songs. Even when you check out Hillsong’s cult song list, this particular number should be among them. The serenity therein will encourage you as a believer to step out of your comfort zone for Christ.

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5. In Christ Alone – Christina Grimmie

Nothing is more reassuring than the fact that even in death you are alive in Christ. It’s a tune that uplifts Christians around the world, especially those who live in fear of worshiping that their service to God is not in vain. It is only in Christ that our hope can be found.

6. Steal My Show – Toby Mac

It’s a perfect tune for when you want to tell God to take charge and control. Letting him know it’s all about him is a sure way to reaffirm your commitment to him alone. It is especially good if you sing it from the bottom of your heart. If you give your all to God, He will do a lot more than you ever could.

7. You raise me – Josh Groban

It’s probably one of the oldest numbers you’ve ever had a heart for. He’s always so powerful and relevant no matter when he’s singing. Christians are resurrected simply because they believe in Christ’s sacrifice. You can always count on Christ even when the burden seems too heavy.

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8. 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) – Matt Redman

It is a fantastic tune that encourages the soul to praise and worship God. The journey to follow Christ is never easy. With all the tribulations we are going to face, it helps to remember why you have chosen this path. Fortunately, there are thousands of such reasons that will make you fight.

9. Messiah / You are beautiful – Phil Wickham

Perfect song for when you want to confirm the certainty of God’s love for his creation. You will be comforted knowing that God has you in his heart and personally cares for you.

10. Who am I afraid of (God of the armies of angels) – Chris Tomlin

When the fears of life threaten to engulf you, listen and sing this song to remind yourself of who the child you are. Sometimes things can seem very difficult, fear is the only thing left. However, as a true believer, you must know that when God is by your side, nothing else can crush you, so not close to fear a thing.

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11. Everything I needed – AJ Michalka

Don’t let the troubles of the world get to you. Even when chasing your dreams and accomplishments, always take a break to remind yourself of what really matters. You should never feel empty because you are excluding it. Only God can feel the gap.

12. Amazing Grace (My chains are gone) – Chris Tomlin

There is probably no living Christian who does not know this song. The great melody has been translated and remade in different languages ​​all over the world due to its power. The message is straightforward and still so true, especially for believers. Without the grace of God, no one would be saved. This reminder of his endless love is one that we must constantly remember.

13. How great is our God – Chris Tomlin

This number will work whenever you need to strengthen your faith. It may be simple, but the truth is so powerful. You will be grateful for all that our great God has allowed you to have. In fact, you will begin to count your blessings.

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14. You are loved – Josh Groban

Every now and then, we all need someone to remind us that God loves us. It’s the best way to never give up. Knowing that he understands everything and still cares about it can be reassuring. Sing this adoring tune as a reminder and prayer for his presence all the time.

15. Winner – Mandisa

How great is the assurance that he, our Lord, cannot give you a mountain which you cannot climb. Every tribulation that it lets you go through, you can keep fighting knowing that you are an overcomer. Just because you’re depressed doesn’t mean you should be away. Keep fighting for the one who is in you is greater than all your problems.

16. Free to be me – Francesca Battistelli

The fact that Christ won the battle gives you the freedom to be who you were meant to be. There is no condemnation or depreciation because Christ finished the hard work.

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17. Mighty to Save – Hillsong

Hillsong never disappoints. This tune will remind you of the power of God. You should sing it with confidence so that the whole world can hear it. He is powerful and he saves.

18. Fighter – Jamie Grace

This is a number that will remind you to keep fighting on your knees since this is where battles are won correctly. No matter how difficult life is. No matter what it throws at you, you can fight with Jesus by your side.

19. Everyone needs a little – Kari Jobe

Be encouraged that God will always invite you to his table. The reminder that everyone needs something from God will keep you on track. Whether it is joy, restoration or even love, God has it all for you. All you have to do is get closer to him.

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20. He is with us – Love and the result

You will be clear just knowing that God is with you. You can trust him completely and submit to his will because he knows what he is doing. Leave everything to him because he is always with us.

Even when you jump from song to song and enjoy all the great worship songs that cheer you up, you can still start from scratch with it. Having something to hold on to, even if it’s a little bit of hope, is all humans need at any given time.


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