30 famous movies that were banned around the world – 24/7 Wall St.

Depictions of violence, politics and religion have all led to the films being banned in various places around the world.

Many low-budget horror and exploitation films are meant to be as brutal and gory as possible, and it’s not uncommon for these films to be heavily censored or kept out of mass release in some countries. .

Some directors have decided to push sexual boundaries with their films. The incorrigible American filmmaker John Waters is known for his controversial films that defy cultural norms. Too often, his works receive X ratings upon release, but a few have been outright banned in several countries. (These are the best R-rated movies ever made.)

Countries under military dictatorships often ban the showing of films that criticize totalitarianism. Blasphemy charges can also lead to the banning of films in countries with an official state religion such as Islam, or in places where Catholicism or another religion is predominant.

Homophobia can also be taken into account in prohibitions; the comedy ‘Zoolander’ was banned in Iran for appearing to support gay rights, and the Marvel superhero movie ‘Eternals’ was banned in many countries because of a scene of two men kissing . (These are the 30 best LGBTQ movies of all time.)

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To compile a list of 30 films, both famous and obscure, that have been banned worldwide, 24/7 Tempo consulted a number of internet sources, considering only those that have been officially banned by a specific country for a explicitly stated reason. Not all prohibitions are currently in effect; many of the films on the list were later edited for content and released in the country that originally banned them. Information about directors, actors and plot comes from IMDban online movie and TV series database owned by Amazon.