5 modern worship songs that will bring your soul to life

If you love modern worship music, here are five recently released worship songs that speak to my soul. I believe that one of the reasons God gave us the gift to sing is because singing connects to the deepest part of us, to our souls. Everyone needs worship music that you can listen to and put your “church” on. If you are ready to speak to your soul through worship music, try these worship songs *:

* Advocating for these worship songs is not necessarily an endorsement for their church, pastor, or any other branch of theology that these worship groups may or may not be related to. It’s easy to start sidelining entire songs or styles of music because of questionable theology from the churches they are attached to, but if we were to delve deeper into this topic, would there be some of the Psalms we would need to know? to dismiss because David wrote them in the middle of an affair? Let’s put the theological diatribes aside and just enjoy some great modern worship music.

Reckless love – a beautiful song about the irresistible love of God for us

Oh, the irresistible, endless and reckless love of God
Oh he chases me, fights’ til I’m found, leave the ninety-nine
I couldn’t earn it, and I don’t deserve it, still you give yourself
Oh, the irresistible, endless and carefree love of God,

So will I (10 billion X) – a powerful song triggering a natural response of worship to the greatness of God

If the stars were made for worshiping, so am I.
If the mountains bow in reverence, so do I.
If the oceans roar your greatness, so do I.
Because if everything exists to lift you high, me too

Resurrect – Need encouragement? This song will uplift your soul!

By your mind I will rise
From the ashes of defeat
The resurrected king resuscitates me

Passion – A strong reminder of what Jesus accomplished on the cross

Our chains are gone
Our debt is paid
The cross overturned the grave
For the blood of Jesus that sets us free
Means death to death
And life for me

Spirit of the living God – A few years but incredibly powerful!

When you talk and when you move
When you do what only you can do
It changes us, it changes
What we see and what we look for

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