56 Memorable Kathy Bates Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

“A Little Bit of Heaven” wasn’t the only Kathy Bates film that attempted to break up a romantic comedy with more serious themes of mortality (and then failed spectacularly). In “Krystal”, Taylor (Nick Robinson) has a condition that causes his heart rate to accelerate to dangerous levels whenever he is aroused. Naturally, he begins to fall for Krystal (Rosario Dawson), who can literally make his heart race. However, Krystal is afraid to commit to a relationship, especially since her last boyfriend (played by T.I.) was an abusive jerk.

According to Robert Kojder of Glittering Myth, Taylor’s heart problem doesn’t even make sense, because it only comes in when the plot demands it. Also, Taylor lies to Krystal to look cool with her, and the movie treats this as if everything is fine.

Bates is featured in the trailer, even though her character (Taylor’s boss at the art gallery) plays such a small part. The filmmakers were probably just trying to capitalize on her Oscar-winning status, but even then her immense acting talent is largely wasted. Every movie has a lesson writes, “She gets half a hospital scene to remind us of her chops, but that scene and her presence means little when it should mean more.”

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