9 best Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg movies, ranked by IMDb


From the instant classic high school comedy Super bad put them on the map and the subsequent output of an action-packed boyfriend pic Pineapple Express Proved they weren’t one-trick ponies, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were two of Hollywood’s most prolific and sought-after screenwriters. They embarked on the production of streaming shows like The boys and Invincible, but Rogen and Goldberg haven’t lost sight of their big-screen roots.

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Not all of their movies have been as good as Super bad and Pineapple Express, but a bunch of their scripts – including ones they’ve made themselves – have impressive scores on IMDb.

9 Taylor Drill (5.7)

Owen Wilson at a high school party at Drillbit Taylor

The scenario of Taylor drill was written by Rogen, in his only screenwriting effort without contributions from Goldberg, and Kristofor Brown, based on a story by John Hughes, the legendary director of Ferris Bueller’s day off and Planes, trains and automobiles. Owen Wilson plays the role of a bodyguard hired by three children to protect them from bullies.

As the movie’s mediocre IMDb rating suggests, the execution doesn’t match the grandeur of its premise. But Wilson’s typically charming performance as the main character makes him at least watchable.

8 The watch (5.7)

Jonah Hill Vince Vaughn Ben Stiller Watch

Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade star in The watch like a bunch of bored suburban men who form neighborhood watch to escape the mundaneity of their lives and unwittingly stumble upon an alien invasion originating from the local Costco.

According to Hollywood journalist, The watch was originally designed as a PG-13 vehicle in the vein of ghost hunters. When he was revamped into a steamy R-rated affair, Rogen and Goldberg were brought aboard the project to inject him with a healthy dose of swearing and sexual references.

7 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (5.7)

Jimmy (Ike Barinholtz) and Paula Blevins (Carla Gallo) in Neighbors 2

After Mac and Kelly managed to oust a fraternity that moved next to them in the first Neighbors film, the second sees a sorority move into the same house. It might have looked like a redesign of the original, but Sorority on the rise adds a unique twist as the couple reluctantly team up with Zac Efron’s frat boy Teddy, the villain of the first.

After having resisted the urge to write sequels to Super bad and Pineapple Express, Neighbors 2 marked the first time Rogen and Goldberg wrote a sequel to one of their films.

6 The green hornet (5.8)

Despite its critical panning, Rogen and Goldberg’s film version of The green hornet is a fun superhero adventure carried by Rogen’s palpable onscreen chemistry with Jay Chou, who takes on Bruce Lee’s iconic role as Kato.

Lots of diehards Green Hornet fans were upset that Rogen and Goldberg had adapted the property as a straightforward comedy, but their script strikes a good balance between action and humor and director Michel Gondry brings some dazzling visuals to the proceedings.

5 Sausage Festival (6.1)

Rogen and Goldberg brought their particular brand of scorching hard-R humor to the typically kid-friendly field of computer animation in 2016. Sausage festival is a hysterical riff of Pixar’s premise about anthropomorphic objects in which grocery store food items learn their ultimate fate is to be eaten alive by giants.

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In addition to all the gags on the penis-like sausages, Sausage festivalFood’s story of learning that they worship a false god and that their faith in “The Great Afterlife” is unfounded is a brilliant satire on religion.

4 Maintenance (6.5)

Seth Rogen & James Franco in the interview

Rogen and Goldberg’s second directorial effort after It is the end, The interview, stars Rogen as a tabloid producer and James Franco as a late-night celebrity interviewer invited to North Korea to interview Kim Jong-un. When the CIA gets wind, they task him with assassinating the infamous dictator.

This film has the distinction of being the only film in Rogen and Goldberg’s filmography to provoke a geopolitical crisis that almost led to World War III. Despite the controversy it sparked, The interview actually has a lot more scatological gags and crass puns than biting political satire.

3 This is the end (6.6)

After watching the work of directors like Michel Gondry and David Gordon Green bring their scripts to life over the years, Rogen and Goldberg finally dabbled in directing in 2013 with doomsday comedy. It is the end.

With all the actors in Rogen and Goldberg’s regular company – Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, etc. – playing satirical riffs on themselves, It is the end is a must-have for conscious comedy fans.

2 Pineapple Express (6.9)

Almost all of Seth Rogen’s movies deal with weed to some degree, but his most overtly marijuana-focused effort is Pineapple Express, in which he plays a process server who runs away with his dealer after seeing a drug lord commit murder.

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After the meteoric success of Super bad, Pineapple Express proved that this is not a one-off and that Rogen and Goldberg are a team of writers to be reckoned with.

1 Super bad (7.6)

Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in Superbad

The modern comedy classic that put Rogen and Goldberg on the map, Super bad is a coming-of-age gem about two high school kids – aptly named Seth and Evan – trying to get some booze for a big party. It is configured as a type American pie riff on sex obsessed teens trying to lose their virginity but Super bad is really about Seth and Evan’s separation anxiety as they prepare to go to different colleges.

According to The Guardian, Rogen and Goldberg began to write Super bad when they were 13, which is why teenage angst rings so true. Super bad was the screenplay that launched Rogen and Goldberg’s screenwriting careers, and after being refined for over a decade, it remains their strongest screenplay to date.

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