A minor abducted from a place of worship in Jharkhand and gang-raped

Ranchi, October 3: A shocking incident has been revealed during Durga Puja festivities in Garhwa, Jharkhand. An underage girl was abducted by people near idols of deities in Saraidohar village, Chinia district police station area, and gang-raped. The accused released her after warning her not to divulge any information about the incident to anyone.

After registering an FIR on Sunday, police arrested two defendants. According to the victim, she had gone to see a cultural program organized at the place of worship in the village. When the broadcast ended at around 12:00 p.m., two village youths abducted her from the place of worship. She was taken to a field about 200 meters away and raped several times.

The victim said that when she was forcibly taken away, five to six other people were present, but no one helped her even as she called for help. She was released after about four hours. The accused threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone about her ordeal. The victim arrived home injured.

The next day, the victim and his parents went to the police station and filed a complaint. The child said the accused could also harm him and his family. Chinia police station chief Virendra Hansda said prompt action was taken by the police as soon as the complaint was received. Two defendants, Chavi Singh and Laxman Singh, have been arrested. An FIR has been filed in this matter under the Articles of the POCSO Act. Several people are questioned and the medical examination of the victim will take place on Monday. (IANS)