Amit Antil wants to play Lord Hanuman on screen: I feel that with my physique I can very easily play the role

Actor Amit Antil who is known for starring in shows like Savdhaan India: India Fight Back, Kalash… Ek Vishwaas among others is a disciple of Lord Hanuman and Hanuman Jayanti is a significant occasion for him.

He says, “Besides being an actor, I am also a sportsman, and all sportsmen love power. Lord Hanuman is considered the symbol of power and strength. It is believed that the lord also wrestled and was a sportsman.. That is why all of us wrestlers worship him and Hanuman Jayanti festival is very important for us. To mark the birthday of the lord we offer prayers to him and visit temples. As he is also a foodie, several types of offerings are prepared at my house.”

Amit, who started his career in the entertainment industry after appearing on a reality TV show, India’s Got Talent, is keen to try out for the role of Lord Hanuman on screen. He adds, “As an actor, I want to try the role of Lord Hanuman. I sincerely look forward to such an opportunity. As the mythological shows are doing well on screen. I feel that my physique can play the role very easily. .”

The actor currently focuses on Bollywood films and says he is inspired by Lord’s ideologies. “He is portrayed as the companion of Lord Ram and known for his strength, devotion, service and wisdom. He teaches us many things, but the most important thing I have learned from worshiping him is to to be humble. Even when we have everything we have to be grounded because that’s what makes us human, and that’s what turns Vanara (normal animal nature) into Nara (human),” he said. declared.