Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis movie is coming. Here’s everything we know.

Showman director Baz Luhrmann’s tantalizing combination (Moulin Rouge, Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet) covering the life of showman-singer/actor extraordinaire Elvis Presley makes the new (and as yet untitled) musical biopic Elvisone of our most anticipated new movies of 2022.

Everything we know about this film has been pieced together from clues left by Luhrmann. Based on the tantalizing glimpses of the film shown in the “first look” clip, the photos and comments shared by Luhrmann on social media and in various interviews, and the presence of the ever-reliable Tom Hanks, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be something special.

What is the release date of Elvis?

After experiencing delays due to the ongoing pandemic, Elvis has a release date of June 24, 2022 in theaters in the UK, US and Australia. HBO Max subscribers will be available to stream the film just 45 days after its theatrical release.

What is the title of the new Elvis movie?

Although his working title is unofficially Elvis, the film still lacks a title. Based on the hints Luhrmann dropped, we think it’s highly likely the film will be called TCB, which was Elvis’ personal motto – short for “Taking Care of Business”. Elvis even had 14k gold pendants made for his closest confidants which were the initials TCB with a lightning bolt.

Elvis movie TCB logo — taking care of business Elvis motto

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Not only does Luhrmann use a shiny, gold-on-black version of Elvis’ TCB logo on the film’s promotional graphics, but also in a social post, just before the holidays, Luhrmann said: “Next year it’s all about TCB… Of course, this could all be a bluff!

Who is in the cast of Elvis?

Austin Butler (The Shannara Chronicles, Arrow) holds the title role. Elvis also stars Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker (the managing director of Elvis) and Australian actress Olivia DeJonge as Elvis’ wife, Priscilla Presley. At home and away Actor, Luke Bracey, plays Jerry Schilling – Elvis’ talent manager and member of his “Memphis Mafia” (the close-knit group that has supported Elvis in various ways since the start of his career).

Maggie Gyllenhaal (The lost girlSecretary) and Rufus Sewell (The father, The Man in the High Castle) were originally cast as Elvis’ mother and father (Gladys and Vernon) but, due to delays and scheduling conflicts, they had to drop out and were replaced by Australian actors Helen Thomson and Richard Roxburgh.


(Image credit: AF Archives / Alamy)

What’s the plot?

From director Baz Luhrmann’s comments, it’s clear that this won’t be a straightforward biopic. Instead, he’s likely to use the story of Elvis to explore aspects of American life. In an interview with Deadline, Luhrmann said, “I’m not about to praise Elvis. I just saw it as the best canvas on which to explore America in the modern era, the 50s, 60s and 70s”

Elvis’ career spanned decades – from the 1950s, bringing rock and roll to the masses at the tender age of 21 and outraged audiences with his “suggestive” dance moves (the hip n weren’t a thing in the ’50s), serving in the military and effortlessly crossing over to starring in Hollywood films, he inspired the kind of wild fan worship we see today with BTS and Harry Styles. Despite issues with alcohol, drug and food addiction that impacted his touring career, Elvis made a successful comeback in the ’60s with a TV special and residency in Las Vegas, before his untimely death. at the age of 42. A marker of his enormous popularity, Elvis is still the best-selling solo music artist of all time, so he’s a more than worthy recipient of Lurhmann’s cinematic gaze.

American singer, musician and actor Elvis Presley, 1950

(Image credit: United Archives / Alamy)

Is there a trailer?

There’s no full trailer yet, but there is this first teaser clip – only 20 seconds but enough to give us an idea of ​​what the full movie might bring. Filmed in slow motion on a slowed down version of the Elvis track, suspicious minds (is Butler singing??) we see snapshots of three different versions of Elvis: the newcomer in the 1950s plaid shirt, the Hollywood star in the biker jacket, and the rhinestone 1970s Las Vegas jumpsuit Elvis.

Short, but oh so cute. It’s more than enough to whet your appetite…