Best Comedies of the 2010s, Ranked

The 2010s will forever be marked by the globalization of social networks, streaming sites and music platforms. It was the decade in which the end of the world was predicted by eschatological forecasters, and featured the first and shortest online uprising against the African warlord, Joseph Kony. Julian Assange’s Wikileaks attracted international attention and the deadly disease of AIDS became treatable. The 2010s were not only a revolutionary era for technology and medicine, but also for comedy movies, which after a stellar 2000s, continued where they left off…


10/10 Countryside

Galifianakis and Will Ferrell in The Campaign
Warner Bros.

Countryside takes politics to a new low (if it hadn’t already hit it), when Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) and Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis) face off in Jay Roach’s 2012 political comedy film, as they battle for a congressional seat. If you like watching bribes, corruption, and sexual misconduct, you might as well stick to CNN, but if you like the aforementioned babies and fisticuffs, then Countryside is for you.

9/10 21 jump street

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in 21 jump street
Pictures of Colombia

“We’re Jump Street, and we about to jump in yo’ ass” is the quote that seems to characterize this whole film. Jonah Hill and Chaning Tatum are teaming up for this buddy cop comedy movie, as the pair play Schmidt and Jenko, two high school friends and police academy graduates, respectively. Together, they are tasked with uncovering an underground drug ring conspiracy, as they are sent back to education posing as undercover students. The on-screen chemistry between Hill and Tatum is unstoppable in 21 jump streetand with an equally hilarious performance by veteran rapper turned actor Ice Cube was a standout film in 2012.

8/10 the other guys

the other guys
Sony Pictures

The 2010s were a busy decade for director Adam McKay, with the likes of Vice, The big courtand Presenter 2 released under his directorship. However, the other guys is his funniest contribution to the decade by some margin.

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Starring comedic supremo Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as Detective Allen and Detective Terry, the two clashing cops are given the task of undertaking an investigation into billionaire property tycoon Sir David Ershon. (Steve Coogan), though after probing they inadvertently expose a bigger conspiracy. The contrast between the Ferrell and Wahlberg characters is comically resplendent and makes this such a ticklish watch.

7/10 four lions

Movie Four Lions
Optimal release

“Rubber Dinghy rapids, bro” has become something of a cultural reference in the UK, thanks to the brilliant semi-political satire of Chris Morris, four lions. After the tragic events of 9/11, the London bombings of July 7 and the Madrid bombing of 2004, the West was at war against terrorism. four lions hysterically mocks the perpetrators of such attacks, as it documents the story of a group of radicalized Muslim men in Sheffield, England, who plot to become suicide bombers. Their utter incompetence and idiotic methods make four lions a truly unforgettable watch.

6/10 The favourite

Olivia Colman surrounded by candles as Queen Anne in The Favorite
Fox projector pictures

Olivia Colman won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Anne in Yorgos Lanthimos. The favourite. Lobster and The murder of a sacred dear director has a distinctive, often very deliberate style, particularly in his character dialogue and the utter absurdity of some of the action that materializes on screen. The favourite flows a bit more smoothly, and its loud comedy is definitely something to behold. It follows Queen Anne and her lesbian love affair with two female helpers, played by Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone who are simply exquisite as the Queen’s belligerent confidantes.

5/10 Frances Ha

Greta Gerwig dancing in Frances Ha
IFC Films

Noah Baumbach’s entry here comes in the form of Frances Hawhich stars the director’s real-life wife, Greta Gerwig. Frances Ha documents the story of one of life’s wandering souls, of a whimsical temperament, Frances travels through it “What am I doing with my life? years in a directionless waltz, as she tries to navigate her jobs, dreams and friendships in a bohemian flow of semi-understandable confusion.

4/10 What we do in the shadows

What we do in the shadows
Disney Media Distribution

In this mockumentary-style hug, we’re introduced to silly vampires who are just trying to make it in the modern world. Waititi plays the hilarious name of Viago von Dorna Schmarten Scheden Heimburg, Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords plays Vladislav Poker, and Jonathan Brugh plays Deacon Brucke. Written (with Clément) and directed by comic genius Taika Waititi, What we do in the shadows follows the story of vampires as they navigate day-to-day or night-to-night life in Wellington, New Zealand. It’s a fabulously well-executed comedy that spoils us with quirky gags and wacky acting.

3/10 The farewell

the farewell1

In Lulu Wang’s touching low-budget photo The farewell, the audience is led to explore life, death, compassion and the cultural disparities between Western culture and Chinese tradition. The comedy-drama film tells the story of the writer, Billi, a Chinese-American, who discovers that her grandmother has terminal cancer and only months to live.

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After flying to China to be with her sick Nai Nai, it turns out that Nai Nai is unaware that she is sick and her family is withholding this vital information for their own peace of mind. Wang’s film, based loosely on her own experiences, is a sweet, moving and heartwarming funny tale.

2/10 lady bird

lady bird

2017 Oscar nominee lady bird was only Greta Gerwig’s second film as a director, with her first coming ten years prior with Nights and weekends. Saoirse Ronan delivers the best performance of her career as a rebellious Catholic schoolgirl. In this black comedy, Christine McPherson (Ronan) is a particularly unique being, who has a troubled relationship with her mother and a difficult school life. lady bird is wonderfully funny and a light-hearted illustration of Christine’s life as she must overcome several social, personal, and educational obstacles in her attempts to land a place at a prestigious New York college.

1/10 The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Fox projector pictures

Film is truly a visual art form when it comes to the creations of Wes Anderson. The Grand Budapest Hotel is to Wes Anderson what the Sistine Chapel was to Michelangelo. Not just a symbol of artistic freedom, but almost an act of adoration of one’s craft. In a typically eccentric and symmetrically perfect way, The Grand Budapest Hotel set in the fictional ski resort of Zubrowka, tells the story of a pedantic hotel concierge, Monsieur Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes) and his bellhop, Zero (Tony Revolori). As Gustave is falsely accused of murdering a former guest and lover, Zero and Gustave must work tirelessly to prove his innocence. Full of idiosyncratic witticisms and awkward exchanges, it’s not just Anderson’s highest-grossing film, but undeniably his best.