Buzz Lightyear’s Most Iconic Toy Story Moments

The toys of Andy and their reluctant companion, Lotso, end up in the treadmill of a landfill in “Toy Story 3”. Though they narrowly escape the belt’s garbage disposals, an even worse fate awaits them in the form of an incinerator. Woody and Buzz help Lotso reach the emergency stop button on the treadmill, but the deceitful bear betrays them, despite being saved from the chippers by the two toys earlier. As they get closer and closer to the incinerator blaze, Jessie turns to Buzz, who has already taken the gang out of many traffic jams, but Buzz, unable to come up with a plan, takes her by the hand. , admitting defeat. Jessie, though heartbroken, understands and grabs one of Bullseye’s hooves, prompting all of Andy’s toys to hold hands for support as they fearfully approach what appears to be a fiery fate here. below.

This is by far Buzz’s most overwhelming moment in the entire franchise, as it’s the first time the generally optimistic and resourceful hero has completely given up hope. At the same time, it shows how much he cares about his friends, as he holds their hands, so they don’t feel like they have to face the incinerator alone. The scene ends with a beautiful callback to previous “Toy Story” movies, as the three Squeeze Toy Aliens that Mr. Potato Head saves in “Toy Story 2” save the gang with a giant version of “The Claw”. As the rescued toys take their marks, Buzz and Jessie realize that they are still holding hands. None of them seem to really care.

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