Children’s author and anti-bullying nonprofit founder Tara Lynn Townes is developing a cutting-edge anti-bullying app to save lives

SMYRNA, GA/ACCESSWIRE/November 10, 2022/ On average, 4,400 children between the ages of seven and fourteen commit suicide each year, with half of these suicides being directly related to bullying. In addition, 160,000 middle school students skip school every day because they are afraid to go to school.

In response to these alarming figures, behavioral and developmental therapist, author and founder of the anti-bullying association, tiny being mightyTara Lynn Townes, has developed a groundbreaking new mobile app that provides first-of-its-kind solutions to tackle the nationwide bullying epidemic.

The changing game Bullying Buddy mobile app uses state-of-the-art technology to increase safety and protection for victims of bullying through its instant messaging and alerting features. With just a click of a button, the app starts recording live audio and video during a bullying incident. The user can instantly alert their parents and administrators. The app’s emergency button can be activated by voice or manually, while giving users the ability to choose whether they are a victim or a bystander. The videos are then saved in an encrypted database.

“The app is fast,” Townes said. “It addresses safety instantly. As a mom, whether you’re at work, whether you’re at your desk or at home, you instantly get an SMS alert and see what your child is going through. What’s going on? makes it a game-changer is that you can chat with your child at that time. Administrators also get an alert immediately, so they are aware of what is going on. The app’s tracking feature helps to suicide prevention.

To address the deeper issues that lead to bullying and the effects it has on students, parents, and our society as a collective, the app provides an information station, where users are educated about the bullying and have access to empowerment tools and licensed clinical professionals. . As part of the anti-bullying movement that Townes initiated through her children’s books and the creation of her foundation, she is also the author of the empathy-based program “Be Brave”, which was created to address bullying. acceptance of diversity, the construction of oneself. esteem and reorientation of negative behaviors through an experiential approach. It includes activities and videos to educate students about bullying. As a proponent of experiential learning, Townes believes the program will reach children at their level. She goes on to say, “It’s not a lesson. They’re gaining experience.”

With approximately 50% of bullying incidents for students across the United States occurring through cyberbullying, the app is working to combat this by capturing social media posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and informing them through the backend.

“Now, rather than waiting for the platform to delete the message, the Bullying Buddy app has patent-pending technology that can instantly let them know what’s going on,” says Townes.

Previously, the CDC did not have accurate statistics to pass the legislative proposals needed to comprehensively address bullying. With the Bullying Buddy app, data collected in real time and stored in a database can now provide the organization with the right numbers. Townes continued her journey of change by meeting with local representatives to discuss policies needed in education systems. She also travels nationwide leading worship and training events regarding bullying prevention as part of a national anti-bullying campaign backed and supported by professional athletes and influencers.

“It’s been my seven-year passion to give them the right numbers so they can move forward with different bills,” Townes said.

In 2017, Townes published the children’s book, Tiny but mighty, a story about diversity, acceptance and brave triumph. It was through her son’s personal struggles with bullying that Townes realized she needed to become proactive in creating change not only for her son, but for bullied children across the country.

Tiny but mighty is very near and dear to my heart because it introduces children to diversity and how to deal with it,” says Townes. “It also recounts the path to triumph. I am a mom on a mission. My son was my inspiration because he was bullied because of dwarfism. He introduced me to my calling here on earth.”

Townes reveals that his new book, Are you raising a bully?, should be released later this month. The guide is intended for parents, administrators and others who interact with young people. It will provide readers with useful information to recognize bullying and how to stop it in its tracks.

Additionally, Townes will soon launch STOMP, the adult version of the Bullying Buddy app to help fight corporate bullying, domestic violence, racial crimes, elder abuse, financial abuse, collegiate violations. and human trafficking.

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