China released new rules in latest attempt to crack down on entertainment industry


Actress Zheng Shuang, who earlier this year was fined 299 million yuan for tax evasion. Photo / Getty Images

China’s Cyberspace Administration has announced that its celebrities will be banned from showing off their wealth on social media.

The new rules in China’s latest entertainment industry crackdown mean the country’s celebrities will no longer be allowed to “flaunt their wealth” or “extravagant fun” on social media.

Business Insider reported that celebrity and fan social media accounts should adhere to “public order and good customs, adhere to the correct direction of public opinion and values ​​orientation, promote values socialist fundamentals and maintain a healthy style and taste “.

The rules then said celebrities would not be allowed to post false or private information in order to trick fans into spreading rumors about other fan groups.

The latest legislative changes come after Chinese celebrities attended an entertainment industry symposium hosted by the Communist Party, where they were warned to “oppose decadent ideas of money worship, hedonism and extreme individualism ”.

Senior party officials and show business bosses attended, where they too were confronted with new rules, including telling them they had to abide by social ethics, personal morals and laws. Family values.

The symposium was held in Beijing in September and had a slogan that read “Love the party, love the country, stand up for morality and art”.

State media reported that everyone who attended the conference was told to “consciously abandon vulgar and kitschy inferior tastes and consciously oppose decadent ideas of money worship, hedonism and extreme individualism “.

In August, a list of “celebrities who misbehave” circulated on social networks, alleging that celebrities had been blacklisted from Beijing.

The list included Chinese actress Zheng Shuang, who was fined 299 million yuan for tax evasion and unreported income. Shuang had become a household name in China after appearing in numerous blockbuster series and films, but in light of his recent fine, the Chinese state broadcasting regulator ordered producers not to hire him for anything. future opportunities.

Actress Zhao Wei has been wiped out of China's entertainment history.  Photo / Getty Images
Actress Zhao Wei has been wiped out of China’s entertainment history. Photo / Getty Images

Another Chinese actress, Zhao Wei, was also made the list after being erased from China’s entertainment history earlier this year.