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Don Davis

By Reverend Don Davis

The other day, I was thinking of the blue law era. I’m not sure exactly why they called it the Blue Law, but I do know it was way before the “Blue Light Specials” at Kmart. For most of us who lived around this time would probably say it was special. I’m sure some would say it was too restrictive.

From one who still believes that Sunday should be a special day and should be sanctified as stated in the Bible. I remember when most of the businesses were closed on Sundays. In my hometown, only pharmacies were allowed to be open on Sundays. The owners alternated Sundays when they would be open and their pharmacy filled the prescriptions. Only a few gas stations were in operation, and the films (films) did not open until several years later. Store owners learned they could earn as much in six days as they did in seven.

Another important fact is that most people had to be in church. After families and / or church friends had lunch (what we used to call dinner), they gathered on porches or under trees for a time of fellowship. There were no televisions, computers, or electronic games, so the kids played in the yard while the adults talked and spun a few wires. I really didn’t know at the time, but it was truly a joyful moment.

Only the luckiest people had cars so we walked pretty much everywhere we went. I remember seeing husbands, wives, and lovers walking around downtown doing what was called window shopping or window shopping vows. Yes, when we could raise enough money, we would drop by the only drugstore and drink an ice cream cone or a fountain coke. An iced Coke or Pepsi in one of those old drink boxes filled with ice cubes also quenched our thirst. Sometimes, if you were lucky, you caught a family making homemade ice cream and somehow interfered with their hospitality.


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