DreamWorks Movies: 10 Times Hard Work Beats Natural Talent


Hard work or natural talent? It’s the old question many people ask, but the most important depends on who you’re asking the question or where you’re looking. Even the DreamWorks children’s animation film studio has its own answer in its many films, with a number of them stating that hard work is the most important quality.

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Throughout the DreamWork movies there are a huge number of characters who have had to do the impossible with little in the way of resources, research, and, yes, talent. The odds were against these overlooked characters, but they found their own way by pushing them beyond their limits and making the impossible possible with quality hard work.

ten Madagascar: Mary’s honed survival skills surpass Alex’s talent as an artist


Four zoo animals are taken on an unexpected wilderness adventure at Madagascar. Marty the Zebra is making the surprise trip with great strides, preparing shelter and food, and maintaining an optimistic attitude. On the other hand, Alex the lion, and the Central Park Zoo star, doesn’t handle it too well.

As Alex panicked about being away from the comforts of home, Marty worked hard to make sure he and his friends survived. Maybe Marty had prepared a bit in advance considering he had wanted to travel for so long when Alex was too busy being pampered as an artist.

9 Antz: Together, the members of the colony saved themselves from death

antz wrecking ball

At first glance, the film Antz is about a character who does not fit in and causes a lot of problems to fight against his forced role in society. Beneath the surface, however, is a very sinister plot going on. The story tells about the regimented daily life of a colony of ants. Everyone has their role, workers, royalty and soldiers.

As the main character, Z, escapes with the Colony Princess to escape their forced roles, the military plans to destroy what they consider to be the weaker part of society by flooding the Colony. At the end of the film, Z and the rest of the workers and royalty are trapped by the rising tide. They come up with a clever plan to form a ladder to rise to the surface, where she is safe.

8 El Dorado: Miguel and Tulio are not the brightest adventurers but their diligence has led them to gold

Miguel and Tulio stand proudly in The Road to El Dorado

The only two things Miguel and Tulio had going for them were a knack for scams and the charisma to distract from those they scammed. They weren’t skilled navigators, but they were tough enough to reach the City of Gold, also known as the Eldorado.

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Even after they declared themselves as gods and the people of El Dorado worshiped them, Miguel and Tulio still had the odds against them. Without any real powers or authority, they managed to save the ancient city of the Conquistador Chief as well as the Dark Arts using the High Priest Tzekel-Kan.

7 Madagascar 3: it takes a group of hard-working animals to build the biggest circus

alex the lion swinging in a trapeze act

In the Madagascar last film of the saga, the main characters are on the run from the great animal control officer Chantel DuBois. With nowhere to turn for safety, the gang implores the protection of a traveling circus. They have to lie that they are from the circus themselves to be taken care of, but from then on the group has to play their part well in order to keep their sanctuary within the circus.

The Penguins came up with the idea of ​​buying out the circus and using them to get back to New York City, and while they haven’t a clue what a circus should be like, they end up creating the greatest experience of entertainment with the craziest ideas.

6 Kung Fu Panda: Po trained hard to earn the dragon warrior name

Kung Fu Panda Po

Even though Po was predicted to be the legendary Dragon Warrior’s martial artist, he had a long way to go before he could face off against the martial arts masters, the Fearsome Five. The dojo warriors were certain that the title would go to Tigress, the strongest of the group, but, as fate would have it, the Grandmaster chose Po instead.

It seemed the choice was a mistake, as Po had no talent for martial arts, at least so it seemed. The dojo teacher, Master Shifu, had to find a new way to bring out Po’s latent talents, and even then the panda underwent extensive training to hone his skills.

5 How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup works hard to tame dragons while Astrid is the master of slaying them

Atrid’s talent for slaying dragons was impressive in How to train your dragon, but over time the people of Beurk realized that the best way to live with the creatures was to befriend them. At the start of the film, Hiccup tried to integrate into his city of dragon slayers by joining them. However, when he finally had the opportunity to slay one of the most formidable dragons, he realized he couldn’t do it.

The goofy teenager began to study the dragons and found them to be friendly and peaceful creatures, and although it was difficult to convince his people to change their ways, they ended up following in Hiccup’s footsteps.

4 Trolls: Poppy’s hard work to put hope ahead of Branch’s realistic approach to life

endangered poppy

When a group of trolls were kidnapped by an evil Bergen in Trolls, Poppy decides to leave and save them from being eaten. During her journey, her hopeful spirit is not enough to reach her friends and she is nearly killed on the way. If it hadn’t been for Branch and her survival skills, Poppy wouldn’t have made it, but in the end, it was Poppy’s never-say-die attitude that really made the difference.

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Because she never gave up and kept trying to save her friends, Poppy was not only successful, but also united her people with her nemesis, the Bergens. If she had followed Branch’s ways, the movie’s happy ending would never have happened.

3 Trolls World Tour: Pop Trolls do their best to unite other tribes

troll tribes together in troll world tour

After Poppy and the other pop singer trolls discover five different troll tribes, each dedicated to a different genre of music, the leaders of the Rock Tribe decide to destroy all other genres of music. Poppy and the band have decided to unite their tribe with funk, country, techno and classical tribes to combat the oppressive threat and protect the diversity of music, but it is proving difficult to unite such different groups.

To create an alliance with each of the four tribes, the Pop Singer Trolls are doing all they can. As much as they struggle, they find a way together and save music.

2 Megamind: the villain’s mind beats the innate powers of the other villain


In the movie Megamind, the villain of the story is Megamind. He seems to succeed in destroying his nemesis Metro Man, the hero, and takes control of the city of Metropolis. When he finally achieves his life goal of beating the good guy, Megamind finds himself with an existential crisis of what to do with his life next. He comes to the conclusion that he needs a hero to fight to achieve his goal and thus gives powers of ordinary human superheroes.

Unfortunately, Megamind’s plan backfires when his choice of hero, Hal, turns out to be a selfish and bitter person, who was only there to win the girl of his dreams. Megamind fights, but not with a hero, but with an overpowered villain of his own creation. Without power himself, Megamind wins the battle with his wit and advanced technology.

1 Chicken Run: the herd’s hard work saved their lives

Screenshot of the DreamWorks Chicken Run trailer

When the flock of chickens in Chicken coop learns that their farm owners, Mrs. and Mr. Tweedy, plan to kill them all to start a chicken pie business, they become desperate to escape. When a stranger seems to fly over the imposing fence that holds them captive for years, the leader of the group, Ginger, is inspired to teach him how to fly.

The plan goes awry when they realize the chickens can’t fly, but as a last resort, the flock works together to invent a plane flying out of their barns to fly over the fence. Their ingenuity is a hit, and although they encountered a few obstacles along the way, they manage to escape Tweedy’s Farm and live to tell the tale.

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