Five movies to watch when you don’t know if it’s summer or Halloween | Vertigo Valley | Entertainment

It would be hard to miss the Halloween decorations and holiday candy already stocked in local supermarkets. Count Chocula is on the shelves, eyeing the groceries as if to say, “It’s time.”

Some local businesses have already hung up their Halloween decorations, including my doctor’s office. On a recent visit, I overheard others in the waiting room discussing – rather heatedly – ​​the appropriate time to start celebrating the Halloween season. Is it Halloween week? Is it October 1? Or even September 1st?

No matter when you start your Halloween season – and the only incorrect way to celebrate is to never start celebrating at all – there’s a gray area between summer and fall where 110-degree days can get in the way. our fall festivities. Here is a list of our top 5 favorite horror movies that bridge the summer season and Halloween season.

Parker Bowman is the feature editor for Hanford Sentinel.