Fronteras: ‘Pandemic preaching’ connects lessons of pandemic to teachings of Scripture

The early days of COVID-19 turned ordinary life upside down – as the United States began to shut down, so did places of worship.

In-person services have been suspended and worshipers have been unable to turn to the comfort of their churches. Instead, some saw religious leaders on social media, who held services to empty benches. Others have found ways to worship in open-air car parkssimilar to movies while driving, listening to services on their car stereos.

Many worshipers relied on the homilies to help them understand the chaos, uncertainty and death unfolding around them.

In March 2020, Fr. David – a retired priest who served 44 years in the Archdiocese of San Antonio and former parish administrator of the historic Mission Concepción – was invited by parishioners who could not attend services. to write his homilies.
A year of them are compiled in his book “Pandemic sermon: the pulpit in a year like no other.

Prof. David Garcia in the hallway of Mission Concepción de San Antonio. Pr. David is the author of “Pandemic Preaching: The Pulpit in a Year Like No Other”.

Prof. David said he designed his homilies to guide distant worshipers through the pandemic. He took lessons from centuries-old scriptures and applied them not only to the world of viruses and contagion, but also to a year filled with struggles for social justice.

“Scriptures were written a few thousand years ago, but they mean something to me today,” he said. “They tell me something about life, they tell me something about what’s going on in my community and society around the world.”

The book is available from San Antonio Twig Bookstorethe “Los Padrecitos” gift shop in the Cathedral of San Fernando, and on Amazon.