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Givelify, an award-winning online and mobile donation app platform, has announced the release of its 2022 Give in faith report, which explores trends in the faith community. This year’s groundbreaking report provides direct insight into the impact the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had on church attendance, digital adoption, community outreach and donations.

Givelify partnered with the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, part of Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, for the 2022 report. A nationwide survey asked religious leaders about attendance and membership at their venues of worship, how they receive gifts from their congregants, how they offer worship services, the community outreach they offer, and the finances of their congregations in 2021. donations, attendance and membership at their places of worship were affected in 2021 and are expected to change in the future. The report reflects responses received from 524 religious leaders and 852 faith givers.

“These unprecedented times have transformed the way we worship, gather and give,” says Wale Mafolasire, Founder and CEO of Givelify. “The Give in faith The report uncovers a powerful key theme regarding the central role that religious leaders play. They have weathered the uncertainty of a pandemic, the onset of inflation, world events and more while supporting the spiritual growth of their members. The insights we have uncovered point to a promising future for religious communities.

Main conclusions of the 2022 Give in faith the report includes:

  • Religious leaders have spearheaded the adoption of technology as the definition of a traditional congregation has evolved.
    • This has helped increase or maintain membership, drive engagement, and continue to inspire communities to uphold the sacred principle of giving.
  • Community awareness and support has not waned due to the ongoing pandemic; instead, it grew.
    • More than two-thirds of donors (70%) offered monetary or non-monetary assistance to their neighbors and community during the pandemic in addition to their regular donations.
    • 90% of congregations offered service or community service, and 73% of faith leaders reported that their reach increased or stayed the same during the pandemic, even as congregational finances declined and expenses increased .
  • Digital is here to stay, and savvy leaders will cultivate digital communities.
    • Almost all congregations (97%) intend to continue offering virtual worship services and digital donations. Additionally, 19% of worshipers say they plan to attend virtual services from other churches, and 21% will donate to multiple places of worship.
  • Despite the difficult times, giving has prevailed and donors want to be even more generous.
    • While 63% of respondents reported changes in their household spending or income, a majority maintained or even increased giving, including 53% who gave more in 2021 than in the past. Additionally, all of the believers surveyed want to give the same amount or more in the future.

Dr. Tiffani Ng, Philanthropic Research Scientist with Givelify’s Philanthropic Research & Insights team and Give in faith researcher, added: “When we evaluated the data, it was impressive to see upward trends – increased attendance, increased donations and growth in community awareness. This report goes beyond the impact of the pandemic on congregations; it really shines a light on relationships and behavior change.

This is the second report of Givelify’s annual report Give in faith series. More information and the full report is available at To learn more about Givelify, visit

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