‘Harry Potter’, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ are dead as the Wizarding World franchise comes to an end

I read what JK Rowling said. I didn’t quite understand, but I don’t give a damn. She can say what she wants; others don’t have to understand or accept it. We are not communists here. If she turns out to be a serial killer, it won’t hurt my love for Harry Potter. People know Rowling and Harry Potter aren’t the same person, right? That if you love Harry doesn’t mean you also love Rowling or even know she exists? She might have died like Shakespeare, but that doesn’t mean people don’t like Harry or Hamlet. Also, if you like Harry, that doesn’t mean you have to like all those spin-offs like Fantastic Beasts. I’ve never read or watched them and I don’t care.
The problem with some people these days is that they go from hero worship to hellfire in a day. They love a story, so they worship the author like a god. Turns around, they find something wrong with the author, then they crush their idol and trample it forever. There is no loyalty at all. They read Harry Potter, but they never learned anything from it. As Hermione says, one of the most important virtues is loyalty. And Rowling failed because she never instilled that in her readers.
No matter how bad Rowling gets, it doesn’t change the fact that the Harry Potter books are excellent in every way and will remain so – the ink is dry on the page and nothing and no one can change or tarnish Harry Potter . .
I’m impressed that Rowling is sticking to her beliefs despite all the disloyal fans and actors spitting in her face like that. I don’t quite understand why she has such a belief, but people have beliefs, some very strange ones, and that’s the way the world goes. You can try to stop them from expressing it by “cancelling” them, but you can’t stop them from thinking it. Most people are smart enough to keep unpopular opinions to themselves or to “apologize” if they accidentally slip out of their hands, just so as not to cause trouble. It’s not worth being unpopular. Rowling, however, stuck to it, as did Harry Potter, who said Voldemort was coming back despite overwhelming opposition. It’s a heroic thing to do, but it’s not shrewd. Freedom of expression does not exist. She has to play with the crowd and tickle their ears, say what she wants to hear, raise money and laugh all the way to the bank. I know she already has a lot of money, but it never hurts to have more. Telling the unpopular truth or what she perceives to be the truth will only persecute her like Harry Potter, and it really isn’t worth it. Besides, popular opinion sways from side to side, just as Harry Potter went from madman to chosen one to public enemy number one. The public is not able to reason or understand. They just sway with the next popular tide of public opinion. They are not worth teaching or instructing, especially if it takes pain to do so. They need to be pacified, pampered and sold. What Rowling needs to do is write more books about Hogwarts. I am going to buy it.