Hellboy’s Comics Top 10 Villains

The universe is an incredibly dangerous place in Mike Mignola Hellboy series, populated by Nazi occultists attempting to bring about the end of the world, an immortal Russian mystic based on a famous real-world historical figure, and many other creatures of folklore and mythology from virtually every corner of the earth.

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Over his long career, Hellboy has faced many enemies who have tried to destroy humanity. Sometimes these beings will be creatures preying on nearby groups of people as a food source. Other times it will be far more malevolent monsters who knowingly and ruthlessly attempt to enslave or eradicate humanity in its entirety. Luckily for Earth, Hellboy and his fellow BPRD members are never far away, able to fend off some of the most dangerous villains for any comic book fan.


Memnan Saa

Memman Saa side by side smiling

Unlike all of the other enemies on this list, Memnan Saa isn’t actually a Hellboy antagonist. On the contrary, he is a fierce enemy of the BPRD after Red officially leaves the Bureau, soon becoming one of their main recurring villains.

Originally born in England as Martin Gilfryd in the mid-19th century, Memnan Saa became a powerful wizard seeking to learn the secret histories of the world, later putting him at odds with the BPRD Capable of various superhuman abilities – including astral projection and the ability to enter people’s dreams – Memnan Saa was a dark, shadowy figure who was a constant thorn in the side of the Bureau.

Koschei the Immortal

Split image of Koschei holding a sword

Another unique villain in the Hellboy continuity, Koschei the Immortal comes across as more of a reluctant adversary to Hellboy than just an antagonist.

A character based on the Russian folk character of the same name, Koschei is bound to bid for Baba Yaga. As a skilled warrior who cannot die, he acts as his personal assassin, once sent to kill Hellboy. The two fought hard, with Red narrowly defeating Koschei. However, due to Hellboy’s never say die attitude, Koschei has developed a respect for Hellboy, at one point even sharing a drink with the hero when the two are in Hell together.

Hermann Von Klempt

It’s a long-standing tradition in pulp adventure series to have Nazis as the main antagonists. As Mike Mignola has used many pulp concepts for his many comics, Hellboy is no different, casting several evil Nazis as the central villains Hellboy faces over the course of his run.

Chief among them is Herman Von Klempt, a mad scientist who keeps his head in a jar and is usually assisted by several genetically mutated gorillas. A man even fellow Nazis hate, Von Klempt is defined by his singular desire to destroy Hellboy and the United States, at one point trying to build an army of vampires to accomplish this feat. the Hellboy the movies had great monsters, but few creatures are more monstrous than this tyrannical Nazi scientist.


In Greek mythology, Hecate was the main goddess of magic and spells. In the Hellboy universe, she plays a similar role, appearing as a near-immortal witch with the body of a snake.

Hellboy may have fought many, many witches over the course of his run, but Hecate was by far the most dangerous witch he had ever faced. A cruel and ruthless antagonist, she has been shown to have a vital connection to Hellboy, as they are both tied to the coming apocalypse. Although Hellboy fights quite a few Greek mythological creatures, few are as deadly or downright terrifying as one of the best Hellboy comic book characters, Hecate.


Split image of Gruagach in pig form and human form leaning on the blood queen's leg in each

Gruagach might not seem like one of the most dangerous adversaries Hellboy faces, but he certainly is. Originally a powerful shapeshifting warrior, Gruagach would eventually find himself trapped in the body of a boar-like creature called Grom. Gruagach avoided death by possessing the body for himself, though he now appears as a small, anthropomorphic boar unable to escape from this unflattering corporeal vessel.

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Gruagach is a creature filled with intense hatred for Hellboy, blaming him for his current position in life in the body of a boar. Driven by this hatred, Gruagach also wishes for his magical race of fairies to emerge in a burst of glory by slaying Hellboy, wiping the BPRD agent from the face of the earth alongside his magical brethren.

Vladimir Giurescu

Hellboy standing with Vladimir Giurescu's shadow superimposed on his shoulder

Hellboy has taken on quite a few mythical creatures in his time, including the occasional vampire or two. The most notable of these would be the age-old vampire lord, Vladimir Giurescu.

A Russian nobleman born in the late 1400s, Giurescu was brought back from death as a young boy by Hecate, turning him into a vampire in the process. Over the following centuries, Giurescu would make a name for himself as a feared military commander of the Napoleonic era. He was eventually killed by the Nazis during World War II and was briefly brought back to life to fight Hellboy, though he apparently met his end thanks to Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom, one of the Super Weapons. comics’ most powerful heroes.

Grigori Rasputin

Hellboy Rasputin with cult dresses

Perhaps the closest thing Hellboy has to a nemesis, Grigori Rasputin is also one of the hero’s most persistent adversaries. Based on the famous early 20th-century Russian mystic, Rasputin is an immortal wizard who is tasked with bringing Hellboy to Earth in the first place during a botched magical ritual in the final days of World War II.

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Son of Baba Yaga, Rasputin appears several times in Hellboy’s adventures, constantly trying to corrupt Hellboy and make him embrace his destiny, thereby destroying the world. He never succeeds, of course, but every time he appears he seems a little deeper under Big Red’s skin.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga in his lair - Hellboy 2019

If Rasputin is essentially the Darth Vader of the Hellboy comics, Baba Yaga can be thought of as Palpatine – a dark, nefarious force that commands so many of Hellboy’s antagonists, like Rasputin. Based on the terrifying Russian folk tale of the same name set in the Hellboy universe, Baba Yaga holds a strong grudge against Hellboy after Red stole his eye.

The genius of Mike Mignola’s Baba Yaga is how terrifying she is, both in terms of visual appearance and the role she plays in Hellboy’s attempted destruction. Time and time again, she’s pulled various tricks from the shadows, sending gruesome creatures to take down Hellboy so many times throughout the series.

The blood queen

Nimue, Blood Queen

Arguably Hellboy’s ultimate antagonist, Nimue, the Blood Queen, is among the final main antagonists Hellboy faces in its eponymous series. A powerful witch who first lived during the time of King Arthur, Nimue was originally a lover of Merlin, using their relationship to learn all of his secret spells, which she then used to imprison him.

However, this newfound power of Nimue soon drove her mad, causing her to worship the Ogdru Jahad and become one of the most feared witches in the process. This fear was so intense that all the witches in the world came together to destroy Nimue, cutting her into many pieces and scattering them across the world. Nimue always returned, however, proving Nimue’s vast power and determination to bring about the apocalypse without even death standing in the way of her goal.

The Ogdru Jahad

Hellboy Ogdru Jahad assembled into one large mass

The Ogdru Jahad are creatures forever bound to Hellboy’s fate – mythical beings of infinite power that Hellboy is destined to unleash upon the world, ending civilization as people know it.

Known as the Seven Who Are One or the Seven Gods of Chaos, the Ogdru Jahad are the Biblical Dragons of the Apocalypse, trapped in the Right Hand of Destiny before Earth was created. Hellboy may possess the power to set them free and embrace his destiny, but despite many temptations to do so, he still opts to save humanity rather than destroy, keeping the Ogdru Jahad and all his terrible power imprisoned as a result. .

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