Hillsong’s Recent and Popular Worship Songs

Hillsong Worship has grown into one of the world’s most popular contemporary cult groups with several hit songs and award-winning albums.

The Australian-born, multi-award-winning platinum praise group continues to influence the gospel scene with their ever-Jesus-centered worship experience.

Today we bring you some of the very popular and trending worship songs from Hillsong Worship in contemporary times. These are more widely accepted songs with their melodies synonymous with their brand.

With over 300 million views on Youtube at the time of this article and millions of monthly streams on other music platforms, Hillsongs’ “What A Beautiful Name”, released from the album “Let There Be Light” is without any doubtless considered one of their best songs. Released in 2016, the song is about power, authority and influence in the name of Jesus and has become a hymn in most worship services around the world.

This song may not require any form of introduction. Probably the most famous Hillsong song ever. The faith-inspiring song navigates the truth of God’s eternal presence as we walk in the waters and fires of life. With so many live releases and different covers on YouTube, Oceans by Hillsong continues to elicit a lot of love around the world with its magical reflective nature. Oceans was sung by Taya Smith, possibly the song that brought her to the Hillsong main stage after a superb performance and her sudden success around the world.

As old as it may be, “Hossana” is still one of the best worship songs released by Hillsong Worship in their early days, one of the few songs that helped solidify their name as a great cult force among other worship groups. Hossana, a song that has endured years of numerous covers and live performances by Hillsong is simply about the coming king, worshiping and praising him as the true Messiah whose promises are sure.

With an incredibly calming delivery, deep lyrical content, and an adoring vibe, “So I Will” is considered one of the award-winning cult band’s best and best-written songs. Due to its crisp and deep lyrics, many have come to love the song around the world.

Who You Say I AM, a beautiful and carefully crafted song around John 8 to convey the truth about how God sees us – as sons and daughters rather than objects of slaves. He says that a slave has no place in the family. But, once we have been brought into the family, then we have that identity as part of the family of God and the identity of freedom. Our identity lies in knowing ourselves in Christ and living in the stability of knowing that we are what God says we are.

“Behold (Then Sings My Soul)” from our new album “let there be light” recorded live at the Hillsong conference in Sydney.

“Let There Be Light,” the hope is that individuals, worship teams and churches will be equipped, uplifted and mobilized by these prayer declarations and songs that speak of the days in which we live, proclaiming the enduring hope. that we have in Jesus Christ.

According to Brooke Ligertwood; “King of Kings is full of theology – theology unleashes praise. When we believe correctly about God, when we understand and gain a greater revelation of who God is and what He has done, we cannot help but respond with worship.

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