Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little’s kid is now a totally ripped MMA fighter

Ray got scammed!

The adorable child Jerry Maguire had a rather unexpected transformation and is now a totally ripped MMA fighter.

Aged just six, Jonathan Lipnicki stole the show from Tom Cruise in the 1996 film, as Renée Zellweger’s son Ray. He also continued to appear in Stuart Little, the little vampire and Like mike.

Lipnicki, now 31, has gone on to pursue acting, but he’s also a mixed martial arts enthusiast.

When he was younger, Lipnicki started training in jiu-jitsu and 14 years later, in 2020, he earned his black belt.

During a 2012 interview, Lipnicki revealed that his family owned an MMA promotion company.

He said, “Because of that, I gave my mom a lot of fighters to fight on a show. I’m training a friend of mine right now – he’s fighting a jiu-jitsu guy. So I’m his sparring guy. If it’s someone much better, I won’t be a good sparring partner.”

In an interview with TMZLipnicki, who comes from a Jewish family, explained why speaking out against racial injustice is important to him, saying, “There have been a lot of anti-Semitic hate crimes and violence against Jews.

“He (Remy) started this group where we decided to make sure people got home and to synagogue safely. Many of us are martial artists or own martial arts gyms and we are not all Jewish. They are just people who want to help others.

“Everyone should have the right to practice their religion without being discriminated against.” He added: “Bullies of any kind or people who promote hate don’t like when there’s a presence there and I think having a presence is a huge deterrent.”

In May, Jerry Maguire director Cameron Crowe revealed that Cruise had stayed in touch with the mother of the child originally cast in the role that made Lipnicki famous.

“Tom wrote to him, called him and sent him stuff,” Crowe told Deadline.

“I only knew that because his mom called to say, ‘Thank you for everything Tom Cruise has done to make my son feel good even being in the movie and working with him as much as he has. do’.

“I went up to Tom on set and said I couldn’t believe what he had done, spending the last few weeks making sure he was in a good mood. “Tom just said, ‘ Well, I don’t want this guy growing up watching movies and being disappointed with what happened. I want him to like movies.’ Wow.”

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