Jesse Daniel and Jodi Lyford revisit a Waylon Jennings classic

Jesse Daniel may be a new voice in country music, but that doesn’t mean he’s one for the hallmarks of contemporary country. Daniel’s original music is steeped in tradition, so it makes sense that he’s covering one of the greats to whom he owes his debt: Waylon Jennings.

Daniel’s latest single is his rendition of Jennings’ 1973 hit, “You Asked Me To”, from the Jennings classic Hero of Honky Tonk. The song, which was co-written by Jennings and Billy Joe Shaver, has been covered by everyone from Elvis Presley to Patti LaBelle to Randy Travis. Daniel’s version — like Shannon McNally and Buddy Miller’s 2021 cover — turns the song into a duet. For his interpretation, Daniel is joined by his partner and teammate, Jodi Lyford.

Daniel brings his classic country hits to the familiar first verse: “A long, long time ago / In my ordinary work shoes / I’ve been around the world / Just because you asked me to.“Daniel does the song well on his own, but the sense of devotion becomes much more palpable when he is joined by Lyford in the chorus.

Together, their voices become two halves of a whole. Lyford’s sweet twang complements Daniel’s depth, and the result is good old-school jubilant country music worthy of honky tonk.

Daniel recently released his third full album Beyond these walls, and has a busy touring schedule planned for 2022 in support of the release. You can find a full list of his upcoming concert dates via his official site.

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