John Bush has “better” relations with Anthrax members


Singer John Bush has served at Anthrax several times, and while there have been some ups and downs with his former band mates, he reveals that his relationship with the band members is pretty good these days and he feels that things have worked as they always have been. meant to be.

Speaking to Eonmusic, Bush was asked about the band’s 40th anniversary celebration, explaining that he was happy to be a part of the documentary that took place this year in coordination with the celebration. When asked if he would have liked to be a part of the live concert hosted by the band, the singer revealed he was okay with the way things turned out.

“I wasn’t too worried about it,” Bush said. “I know there were a few guests there, but I didn’t really take offense at that. They approached it the way they wanted, and my relationship with these guys has all improved a lot, and I am. happy because there was a period when it was practically nonexistent. “

Elaborating on the thought, Bush added, “Me and Scott [Ian] have always kept in touch because he lives here in LA, and we run in similar circles, but there was a period with Charlie [Benante] and Frankie [Bello] where we just weren’t talking, and every now and then we text something funny, and then there are jokes, and the relationship is much better. “

He added of Joey Belladonna: “I don’t talk to Joey too often, but my wife and his wife have developed this relationship, and they’re friends, which is ironic. I always talk about ‘defusing’ this battle. that people love to create, and it just doesn’t have to be because Joey is awesome and I have the utmost respect for him. “

“I always say he’s the guy who should be in Anthrax – sure. It’s classic programming! Everything went well,” Bush concludes. “I aspire not to have too many enemies in my life, period, and I really don’t think so, and I sure don’t want these guys to be, because we just have too much history.”

While away from Anthrax, Bush continued his longtime career with Armored Saint. The group’s most recent album, Punch in the sky, was released in 2020.

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