‘KGF 2’ Makes An Action-Packed Sequel To Rocky Bhai’s Long-Awaited Saga

KGF Chapter 1 wasn’t that big when it was released, but it built up some hype over time. In the Hindi market, KGF was a sleeper hit, but the genre mass that followed it after the digital and TV premiere was much higher than expected. Undoubtedly, the most hyped sequel after Bahahubali 2 in Hindi, or for that matter, all over India. Only if audiences could understand that hype is a different thing and cinema is different. Well, that hasn’t changed in Hollywood yet, so for Indian cinema, it’s way ahead. We saw Avengers Endgame do crazy business at the box office, because it was a completely crowd-pleasing experience, and thus, no one cared about the logic except for a few harsh critics. The case looks a lot like KGF Chapter 2with one exception that it is not a global phenomenon like End of Game, but definitely one of the biggest in India right now. The second chapter of the incredibly violent KGF is indeed violent, and how. Just double! Note it. Prashanth Neel delivers a fulfilling sequel to Emperor of the Masses, Rocky Bhaiis the long-awaited action saga.

KGF Chapter 1 finished with Garuda‘s massacre, like our Rocky Bhai (Yash) became the leader of Kolar Gold Fields (KGF). The second chapter shows his kingdom and his people, who worship him as a God. We have a new antagonist called Membership (Sanjay Dutt), who is back to reclaim his lost kingdom and KGF. It’s not that. We have a big political angle working as an even bigger villain in the picture called Ramika (Raveena Tandon). The script is full of dramatic conflicts, RockyThe childhood of , his reign, his romance, his students, his villains, his politics and his revenge. It’s not something we haven’t seen before, but it definitely serves stale food with new tadka.

Yash alias Rocky Bhai, is an unstoppable force. The character is too extraordinary to be digested by an ordinary mind, but sometimes that extra large meaning makes it big. Something we saw in Baahubalias Prabhas played the unbeatable Baahubali. Yash continues to beat that stature on occasion, and believe me, every large-scale action sequence and swaggy dialogue is going to leave fans screaming out loud in movie theaters. At Sanjay Dutt’s Membership given KGF a deadly villain who is far better than the previous one. Dutt is truly fierce and terribly fearsome. The face-to-face between Rocky and Membership is what I call an improvement over its predecessor.

The female addition, Raveena Tandon, also adds more fire to the battlefield. It doesn’t have any action scenes, but it does have this powerful character, which feels like enough of a challenge for someone like Rocky, a dangerous criminal. Raveena gives a great performance to make a strong comeback in a big commercial movie. The love interest of Rocky, Reena (Srinidhi Shetty), has more screen time than Chapter 1, and she looks pretty in every scene. Supporting actors like Anant Nag, Prakash Raj and Malavika Avinash have nothing to do but narrate, which is intriguing. Archana Jois as RockyThe mother of you will remind you of a melodramatic Bollywood mother from the 70s, while Achyut Kumar, Ramesh Indira and Ramachandra Raju are somehow okay with their presence.

KGF is carried by hard-core action sequences that will create a fan-freny spectacle in theaters. It’s not just that hammer, but whatever Yash’s action scenes are, they have immense crowd-pleasing factors. The dialogues will soon become social media memes – in a positive way, I mean. “Garuda ko maarne ke liye ek Rocky paid kiya to kya dusra nahi kar sakta?” Rocky responds in style, “Simple baap se nahi hua to simple baap ki kasam kisi aur se bhi nahi hoga.” If that doesn’t cause a lot of shouting and hissing, then all the writers should step down at the same time.

Bhuvam Gowda captures these pans well with his camera, and the visual effects are also impressive. It’s a straight-up action movie, so there’s less room for the music, but the theme song Sultan is damn engaging. It will keep you hooked with the visuals and the mass elevation while the composition is nothing short of an anthem, let’s say it. KGF anthem. The other two songs are skippable.

What KGF Chapter 2 what’s missing is the class and standard of logical cinema. This also appears in the writing part. OK, Rocky Bhai is India’s biggest criminal, but how easily can he walk in and out of the Prime Minister’s office without a single hand on his shoulder? That’s how the most wanted criminal should be treated, isn’t it? He can even enter Parliament during speaking hours as if there were no security for the ministers of the country. Well, he can be shot in the chest and the shooter can always be sure he will survive.

By the way, what was the character of Srinidhi Shetty like? If I remember correctly, Rocky falls in love with her right after a fight scene in Chapter 1, and as we saw in the climax, she even started liking him for it. However, in this film, she is both hesitant and angry at her kidnapping. Why? Nobody knows. But she’s happy to be a mistress for years, only to fall in love with him right after learning her mother’s story. Wow, what a woman! KGF 2 continues by locking many illogical scenes in one room, and the key to concealment is a complete action adventure. It’s like that KGF 2 survive, just like RRR did a few weeks ago.

Director Prashanth Neel had it in his vision even before Chapter 1 has been released, and he makes sure that KGF friends get what they expected. It provides them with a hit mass mania that every KGF the fan will appreciate. KFG 2 is so strong that the majority of the audience will need to see an ear specialist after the show, but tell me, all these KGF fans experienced the same thing in 2018? For them, it’s fine. For others, it could cause ear pain. Neel could have deleted that, but I guess he used it as a USP because he knew the same thing made his movie different from other mass action movies.

In a word, KGF Chapter 2 brings back the swag of Rocky Bhai after 3.5 years, and he, with Membership, explodes in the dark fields of Kolar. This one is a must-have for fans, while others can also try it out for a good weekend watch. With this kind of hype and craze, KGF 2 is sure to cause a riot at the box office. Maybe the second after Bahahubali 2, especially in the Hindi belt. Hold your breath and save your cheers for the theaters.