Kumpool online call service is now available in Kampung Tunku and offers the first 10,000 rides for free

Kumpool, a local online call service for vans and buses, continued to expand its availability in the Klang Valley. In fact, after the recent expansion of the constituency from Bukit Gasing to Petaling Jaya, it is now also available in Kampung Tunku constituency from today.

59 routes have been added to Kampung Tunku, including destinations to Light Rapid Transit (LRT) stations, schools, restaurants, places of worship and others. Additionally, Kumpool will also be offering the first 10,000 trips for free until July 11, 2022.


The State Representative (ADUN) for Kampung Tunku, Lim Yi Wei said that among the 59 routes is 99 Speedmart at Jalan 22/49 in Section 22. This would benefit locals as the previous RapidKL bus service was discontinued due to an insufficient number of drivers.

In addition, Yi Wei hopes that the selected routes, especially in commercial areas, can boost the local economy and attract more customers. Kampung Tunku ADUN also said its team will release an infographic about it so that residents – especially the elderly – can learn about the service.

Kumpool Ride provides traffic jam and parking hassle dispersal at a rate of RM1 for easier, comfortable and safer transportation access every day from 8am to 8pm. The app can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and you can learn more about the service through its official website here.

Kumpool is a division of Causeway Link, one of the largest public bus companies in Johor Bahru. Previously, the service was only operational in Johor Bahru, but now it is set to expand further, recently offering its services in Klang Valley.

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