Long Branch and the last towns of Tinton Falls to approve cannabis sales in NJ


LONG BRANCH – The city approved several cannabis zones and the six market classes cannabis licenses at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

The city also established a 2% sales tax on retail sales and a 1% sales tax on wholesale sales.

The licenses are for a cultivator, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and deliveryman of cannabis, which includes home delivery. The city will only allow one of each permit.

Long Branch approved areas, taxes and licenses for legal weeds.

City resident Laura Tarlow has urged the city to use tax revenues from cannabis, also known as marijuana, for lower property taxes.

It will be some time before cannabis businesses are established in the city or any municipality for that matter, as the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission has not started accepting applications for the recreational cannabis industry. This process will begin rolling out on December 15.

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New Jersey voters approved recreational marijuana use in the 2020 election, and in February Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill legalizing drugs for adults 21 and older.

Municipalities then had until August 22 to ban cannabis companies within their borders if they wished. While many towns in Monmouth and Ocean counties have done so, Long Branch has not passed any bans.

Cannabis zones

The city will authorize the six market licenses both in its industrial zone as well as in its manufacturing and business zones, including several of these districts.

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In several other areas, it will only allow retail stores.

In the Transit Village District near the station, the city will allow non-consumer retail. In the West End, Neighborhood Commercial and Broadway neighborhoods, the city will allow a retail store without a consumption zone.

Cannabis businesses will be prohibited in residential areas, on the waterfront and within 1,000 feet of a school, park or place of worship. The consumption of cannabis, such as smoking or vaping, will be prohibited in all public places such as streets, parks, promenade and beaches.

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Tinton Falls also approved cannabis zones this week and five cannabis licenses. However, it banned a license for delivery services for cannabis and areas of consumption.

The two municipalities join Eatontown, Neptune and Red bank like the coastal towns that have established zones, taxes and licenses for legal weeds.

Legal weed calendar

  • The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission will officially begin accepting applications for marijuana grow centers, manufacturers and testing labs on December 15.
  • The commission will begin accepting applications for recreational marijuana dispensaries on March 15.
  • Applications from marijuana distributors, wholesalers, delivery companies or medical marijuana dispensaries seeking to convert to recreational selling will not be accepted until a later date.

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