Marlon Brando would only quit ‘Superman’ trailer for food


Nobody liked with Marlon Brando on the set of the 1978s Superman. Director Richard Donner was “really upset” by how much the Jor-El actor made for just 13 days of work (he was paid $ 3.7 million and 11.75 percent of the backend of the picture, for a total of $ 19 million), while star Christopher Reeves admitted, “I don’t say that to be vicious, but I don’t worship at the altar of Marlon Brando. Because I have the felt like he shirked in some way. He added: “I had a wonderful time but the man didn’t care, I’m sorry.”

The only thing Brando cared about was getting paid – and fed.

In an interview with the Telegraph, actor Cary Elwes has revealed he had a pre-The princess to marry concert on the superhero film. “My job was to get Marlon out of his trailer,” he said. “Marlon had no reason to be on time, because his agent had made the most incredible deal for him. Every day the picture passed he was getting another million dollars. So he was driving poor. [Richard] Give along the wall, because he wandered around whenever he wanted to. Sometimes before lunch, sometimes… not before lunch.

Elwes said that once Brando was fed, “he was in a much better mood. So I tried to find some treats that he liked… He mostly wanted desserts,” which, the same.

Brando would become even more insufferable in the years 1996 Dr Moreau’s Island, where he only opened the door of his trailer “when the pizza boy came,” according to screenwriter Ron Hutchinson. “It was the best news the pizza makers of Cairns, that small town, have ever had because Brando was consuming industrial quantities of pizza while ruminating on what to do when he faced the cameras. I think there may have been existential terror there.

Elwes and Dr Moreau star Val Kilmer is expected to swap numbers and share Brando stories. It would be more fun than any Godfather movie.

(Speak Telegraph)