Merrill man pleads not guilty to sexual assault at Langlade County Church

ANTIGO — A Merrill man pleaded not guilty Monday to 31 counts related to alleged sexual assault while working at the Langlade County Apostolic Worship Center in the 1990s and 2000s.

Travis L. Huse, 42, faces 23 counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child, six counts of incitement to a child, one count of second-degree sexual assault of a child and one count sexual assault of a student by school staff.

Her father, Scott L. Huse, 64, faces one count of incitement to childhood, four counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child and seven counts of sexual assault in second degree of a child.

On Monday, Travis Huse appeared by video and his attorney, Kevin Musolf, pleaded not guilty for him. Langlade County Court Commissioner Brent DeBord has scheduled Travis Huse’s next court appearance for September 19.

According to the criminal complaints:

Eight women have come forward to accuse the men of molesting them when they were young in church.

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In May, six women spoke to MPs about Travis Huse. Five of the women said Travis Huse sexually assaulted them in the 1990s and one victim said he assaulted her in 2006.

Four of the victims said Congressman Travis Huse gave them piano lessons at the Apostolic Worship Center. They reported Travis Huse touching them inappropriately during class. They also reported Travis Huse rubbing against them.

Another victim said Travis Huse was working as a teacher’s aide at the Apostolic Worship Center when he assaulted her during class when she was 12 and 13 years old. She said her cube-shaped desk was at the front of the class, against a wall. She said he would place her out of sight of other students and touch her inappropriately.

The sixth victim said she was 17 when Travis Huse worked as a youth group counselor at the worship center, and he called her and told her to meet him at the worship center at 1 a.m. . When she arrived, Travis Huse asked her, “Your car or my car, front or back seat.”

The woman said she didn’t know what Travis Huse meant at the time, so she said, “OK, our car, backseat.” The woman said she got in the car with Travis Huse and he kissed her, then put his arms around her. She said he touched her inappropriately and tried to take the assault further, but she fought him off.

Also in May, a woman reported that Scott Huse had started touching her in ways that made her feel uncomfortable after her mother died when she was 11. She said at age 15 she was in a crowded vehicle traveling from the city of Antigo to Apostolic Worship Center in the town of Evergreen and Scott Huse was sitting right behind her. The girl said Scott Huse reached out, put his hand under her shirt and bra and touched her inappropriately.

Another woman told a Langlade County deputy that when she was 11, Scott Huse rubbed up against her daily and touched her inappropriately. She said that when she sat at a cubby-like desk, he pushed his body into her while they were isolated in the cubby. She said the other students couldn’t see what Scott Huse was doing.

Travis Huse is in Langlade County Jail awaiting $1 million bond set May 11. Scott Huse is in Langlade County Jail awaiting $250,000 bond set the same day.

Scott Huse is scheduled for his next appearance on July 18.

If convicted, Travis Huse faces a maximum sentence of 1,091 years in prison. Scott Huse faces a maximum sentence of 160 years in prison.

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