Minno is expanding its slate, rolling out more originals to meet audience demand

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Minno, a children’s media and technology company, today announced that it will expand its lineup of original programming to meet audience demand. With a mission to help families experience Jesus every day through the media in their homes, each show is developed with world-class creators who are committed to delivering high-quality, faith-filled, and engaging content.

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children spend about seven hours a day with the media. Additionally, studies show that two-thirds of parents expect the time spent with their children watching TV and movies to stay the same or increase post-pandemic. Consumers had to spend $41 billion on video streaming in 2021, and the digital children’s advertising market is worth more than $2 billion in the United States only.

According to the CDC, the most crucial years in a child’s development are between birth and age fourteen. Additionally, Barna Group reports that nearly 64% of Christians commit to the faith before their 18th birthday.

“That’s why Minno will work for Christian families, creating fun, highly vetted shows for kids while giving parents off-screen resources to navigate day-to-day parenting,” the CEO said. Eric Goss. “Christian parents are overwhelmed with limitless media options, but have very few good choices that reflect life in their own home. We know that children thrive when they see themselves reflected on television, but the challenge is that kids and faith are all but banned on mainstream platforms. Minno wants to show families practicing their faith as a normal part of life.

In animated, live settings, Minno’s roster of shows tells the stories of real-life and contemporary scenarios and beloved Bible stories. Minno’s content is developed in collaboration with child development experts, training researchers and theologians, and goes through a 50+ point vetting process that includes rigorous quality, theology, development standards. education, age and stage, and entertainment. The result is performances that welcome children at their level, in their language, that illuminate the life to which Jesus calls them.

The originals now available on the Minno app:

  • talk about cocoa: featuring Cocoa, an animated hot chocolate mug, and her marshmallow sidekick sister, Marsha. Together they teach object lessons around Easter, Christmas and life lessons.

  • Minno Church Home: 54 episodes designed for kids to love at home.

  • Minno 5 seconds parabolas: Animated Bible parables that illustrate meaning in 5 seconds or less.

  • Minno Hopeful Easter: a three-part Easter experience for families centered on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

  • Minno’s Show of the Day (coming April 2022): an interactive experience anchored by a Bible verse and a word of the day.

  • 5 minute family devotions: 125 turnkey video devotions for kids and adults to use together anytime, anywhere.

New series in development:

  • Micah’s awesome vlog: an animated series centered on 10-year-old Micah and his friends as they navigate real-life situations with big imaginations and hilarious situations.

  • The Talon of God: a pre-K series featuring music and Bible stories with the Greenhouse Friends.

  • Jemma against cooking: a live sitcom about Jemma’s culinary adventures for ages 8 and up.

Also in the works with creative partners, a short limited series that brings a biblical hero to life, a character-driven series that features bilingual best friends seeing God wherever they go, a series with a fresh take on biblical stories through movement and dance, an adventure series that will spark wonder and wonder at God in nature, and a fast-paced short story series that relates and connects biblical stories in a familiar but never-before-seen style.

“When we talk about the child as a whole, we believe that a child’s spiritual life also feeds into the other areas of development – social, emotional and physical,” says Denise Georges, chief content officer for Minno. “We want children to experience faith as an integral part of their daily lives, giving them the opportunity to engage with stories and characters that reflect the faith and spiritual practices they see in their homes and communities every day.”

The shows will be available on Minno’s streaming platform, Minno Kids. With over 125 unique shows and thousands of episodes, Minno Kids is available on streaming platforms and in all app stores. Parents can also take the full on-screen content tour with off-screen content on the Minno Life Blog, which sparks conversations or imparts lessons with fun activities and how-to tips.

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Minno is a kids’ media and technology company that helps families learn about Jesus every day and have fun together, on and off screen. We make screen time count by curating and creating shows, books and resources that put kids first and support families. The Minno app, available on all platforms, features more than 2,600 episodes across 125 shows, including 100 original “5 Minute Family Devotionals.” Minno Life parenting resources offer expert-written blogs, life guides on key topics, activity packs and downloads, and the Minno Raising Boys and Girls podcast (over 2 million downloads). Minno Kids Publishing offers the fastest sales, christian book The award-winning children’s Bible, the Minno Laugh & Grow Bible. Learn more about www.gominno.com.




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