Monster Fans Praise The Most Visually Terrifying Demons, Entities, And Otherworldly Beings They’ve Ever Seen

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We’ve all been mentally scarred by the lipstick-faced demon seen in Insidiousand we all lost sleep Conspiracy‘s Valak, but in the decades that horror movies have amplified the fear factor, what are the most scary monsters/demons/entities we have ever had the displeasure of encountering? As always, Reddit has the answers.

Naturally, the aforementioned Valak and Lipstick-Face Demon (Google, it’s actually called that!) are the clearer picks, but the thread asks for more obscure answers, and as they always do, fans of horror have delivered.

Immediately the Spaniards found horror images REC (2007) won gold for “absolutely terrifying” with its own entity, Tristana, played by none other than Javier Botet – a Spanish actor renowned for his creature roles. Except REC franchise, Botet played the titular ghoul in MomSettle The Mummyand Slender Man in the 2018 movie of the same name. In the Reddit comment, Tristana is described as “whatever that thing is,” which is actually a pretty apt description.

One of the most iconic otherworldly villains in modern pop culture is Guillermo del Toro’s The Pale Man. Pan’s Labyrinth, interpreted by Doug Jones, famous mime and contortionist. Considering The Pale Man eats children, it’s safe to assume he’s one of the most grotesque and disturbing creatures around.

Another much-anticipated shoutout goes to Kayako, the main antagonist of the Ju-On horror franchise. Known since The Grudge saga, Kayako is ghostly pale with long black hair and a sickening croak (known as a “death rattle”) that – according to anecdotes – stems from when her husband Takeo broke her neck but didn’t. hadn’t killed her, so this sound is Kayako trying to breathe through a broken trachea. As if her looks weren’t unsettling enough, Kayako’s true mark of monstrosity are her hideous, unnatural contortions.

Some other suggestions include the so-called “Raatma” (Thiago Dos Santos) of V/H/S/94, a half-human, half-rat creature covered in slime that the inhabitants of the sewers worship as a god. The slime that Raatma secretes is vicious and poisonous enough to melt into human flesh, which is already an upsetting thought in itself, but even worse to behold. Poltergeist II‘s Kane (a reverend) leads a doomsday cult that hunts down and terrorizes families. Kane selfishly held his minions captive until they slowly starved to death, simply because he predicted the end of the world, and well… it didn’t happen.

We don’t need to go into too much detail about the other monsters, lest we lay awake at night wondering if that figure in the corner was moving on its own.