Movie Review: HONK FOR JESUS. SAVE YOUR SOUL: Regina Hall makes the fictional movie tolerable [Sundance 2022]

Honk for Jesus. Save your soul. Review

honking For Jesus. Save your soul. (2022) Movie Review from 44th Annual Sundance Film Festivala movie directed by Adamma Ebo and featuring Regina Hall, Sterling K. Brown, Nicole Beharie, Privacy, Austin Crust, Devere Rogers, Robert Yatta, Greta Glenn, Andrea Laing, Selah Kimbro Jones, Crystal Alicia Garrett, Perris Drew, Tairat Baoku, Dhane Ross, Jah Shams, Review-Marie Barnes and She young.

Honk for Jesus. save your soul. is director Adamma Ebo’s new over-the-top comedy about a dishonest Southern Baptist pastor (Sterling K. Brown) whose wife (Regina Hall) reaches breaking point. This movie has a few funny moments but, at the same time, it sometimes feels like it’s dragging itself through the mud to get to its inevitable conclusion. Regina Hall’s brave and fierce performance makes the film what it is – an intriguing mockumentary that teaches audiences how certain figures in organized religion might pull the wool over the eyes of their parishioners. Sterling K. Brown doesn’t play a character who has likable characteristics despite his undeniable (and rather fake) charm, and the film relies on audiences regarding Hall’s character in order to gain viewer satisfaction.


Based on a short film of the same name, the film primarily tells the life of Lee-Curtis and Trinitie Childs. They are in the midst of a sexual misconduct controversy that has cost them the majority of their congregation. Lee-Curtis (Brown) and Trinitie (Hall) are credible as a couple. Many couples are so blinded by hope that they have chosen their partner wisely that they tend to overlook each other’s flaws in the name of marriage. This is the case here. In an attempt to document their attempts to restore their church, a film crew follows Lee-Curtis and Trinitie in hopes of capturing a change of events for the unlucky couple who are unwilling to admit they have been defeated.

It’s Lee-Curtis’ fault if the controversy surrounding the church occurs. Trinitie is blindsided by the fact that this is her husband, the man she has chosen to love and honor, so she creates reasoning to justify what is happening and also prepares for a twist. events in which everything will be put back in order. She dresses well and has nice things thanks to her participation in organized religion and probably doesn’t want to lose what she worked so hard for. However, is it too late to start over because of Lee-Curtis’ constant mistakes? See the movie for the answer.

Hall is very interesting and compelling in her role. Hall has a great scene where Trinitie talks to her mother (a terrific Avis-Marie Barnes) about standing by Lee-Curtis through thick and thin and the mother tells her how important it is to stay with her man explaining her own situation with her husband. The scene ends with a very intriguing and believable revelation and helps us understand what would ultimately happen to Trinitia if she were to continue on the path she is on. It would probably be much worse for Trinitie than for her mother, however.

Andrea Laing is the voice of Anita who films the events that occur throughout the film. Anita is the one who is supposed to document the Childs’ return to normal. As the film progresses, things get ugly as the Childs have lost thousands of parishioners to another church called Heaven’s House which is run by ministers Shakura (the great Nicole Beharie) and Keon (well played by Conphidance ) Sumptate. Both churches have rallies scheduled for Easter and only one church will emerge victorious. Or will the parishioners be distributed among the places of worship? Watch the movie to find out.

Lee-Curtis is an unlikable character who makes Triniti’s downfall quite heartbreaking to watch. Their sexual chemistry is also quite unusual as a couple. However, Hall leads us to believe that the couple have a chance of salvation for a while until the movie gets really brutal with Trinitie wearing a whiteface as she tries to lead people out of cars on the road to show his support for his church. .

Austin Crute is absolutely phenomenal in his final scene of the pic as a young man named Khalil who had faith in Lee-Curtis and finally comes face to face with the man who ruined his life – Lee-Curtis. Their interaction pretty much brings the movie to life in the final moments, and the movie really says something about how religious leaders can abuse their power.

Hall is so good in the film that I pass the film. She makes it clear to the audience why Trinitie sticks by Lee-Curtis for as long as she does. Maybe if she hopes and believes long enough, then God will erase the past. However, this film serves as a reminder that the past cannot be undone, especially if reputations are tarnished beyond reasonable doubt.

Honk for Jesus. save your soul. with its starring black Jesus statue and unique premise offers plenty to discuss afterwards, making it an ideal date movie for couples. However, I would not recommend the film for a first Lee-Curtis’ date and unlikable character may keep viewers from enjoying the film. Brown can’t be wrong, but the script here doesn’t give him a character we want to see triumph in making this Hall movie from start to finish. Hall is passionate and fleshes out her character far more than she probably even was in the script, which makes her work hard to ignore him in a movie about a male character that everyone will most likely ignore by the end of the film. movie.

Evaluation: seven/ten

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