Navigate360 & 911Cellular Partner to Provide Schools

RICHFIELD, OH, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Navigate360 announced a partnership with 911Cellular to provide schools with a direct, immediate, and silent way to alert school officials and law enforcement to incidents of concern for the safety. The collaboration combines Navigate360’s robust emergency management suite (EMS) with 911Cellular’s silent panic system, recognized as the nation’s most trusted provider.

Reinforced by layers of protection – from silent panic alert devices such as wearable or physical wall-mounted panic buttons to computer and smartwatch panic buttons with lock screen activation and a mobile security app – this technology complies with Alyssa’s law.

Named for Alyssa Alhadeff, a 14-year-old victim of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, Alyssa’s Law is designed to prevent tragedies by improving emergency communications between schools and the police. The law, passed in the states of Florida and New Jersey, is gaining momentum for nationwide law because silent panic alarms are vital for any school looking to mitigate emergencies. This is especially important as school violence continues to rise across the country: including the tragic May 2022 incident at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the United States has seen 27 school shootings in schools so far this year.

“There is no mission more important than keeping our children, educators and staff safe on school campuses. Time equals life, and the ability to easily access tools that immediately – and quietly – flag safety issues is critical to reducing emergency response times,” said JP Guilbault, CEO of Navigate360 . “From the recent signing of House Bill 1421 by Governor DeSantis in Florida — which goes into effect this Friday, July 1 — to executive orders given by governors of Tennessee, Iowa, and other states to improve K -12, all communities need to come together to focus on solving this complex problem.

Chad Salahshour, Founder and CEO of 911Cellular, added, “I built 911Cellular to transform the emergency communications landscape for the better. School safety is paramount – our partnership with Navigate360 as part of our mission to provide the highest quality technology and support with emergency communications software shows how solution providers can work better together on behalf of the communities we serve.”

With this fully integrated and comprehensive solution, school districts have a proactive tool to protect the lives of everyone on their campuses. Navigate360 and 911Celluar solutions will help bridge communication gaps and reporting pathways between schools and first responders, including law enforcement.

The Navigate360 and 911Cellular Panic Alert System includes multiple layers of protection along with these additional benefits:

  • The ability to quickly notify the entire school community and district central office security personnel of a life-threatening situation
  • Alert notifications can be initiated by anyone and do not require someone to speak during the emergency; this includes a mobile security app and panic buttons for computer and smartwatch with lock screen activation
  • No additional infrastructure is needed for portable or wall mounted panic alarms (such as Bluetooth or RFID beacons)
  • Multiple calls are eliminated because the entire school community, including law enforcement, is aware of the reported alert
  • Tracking capabilities down to the floor and room number are possible using tracking technology tested by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); no additional hardware required

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