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Posted on 11.17.21, 10:43 AM

Bollywood ‘one of the most famous industries in our country. The fact that people revere and love their favorite Bollywood actors enormously is absolutely beyond dispute. To make a Bollywood film, so much money is invested, hundreds of people are hired, from spot boys to light men, through publication, production, editing, promotions and all that, all for who ? For the end user, for the public.

The only deciding factor in whether a Bollywood film will be successful or not depends entirely on the number of people who show up at the cinema. The number of people who spend their hard earned money to buy movie tickets, see their favorite movies on the silver screen.

Here’s Movified to bring you all the latest gossip, news, upcoming projects and more right to your Cinematic Brotherhood screens. We have to realize that at the end of the day this is an industry where profitability is one of the primary motives and concerns of any investor. Just like any product manufacturing industry that would produce the products that consumers want to use, the film industry will produce content that audiences want to consume. So as an audience we have to evolve, we have to appreciate the talent. Therefore, Movified gives the audience the option to choose their favorites and take a call whether or not they liked a particular movie or star. Now! Movified has broadened its concept to a much larger audience in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Excited a lot? Well! Movified is a getaway for all the latest Bollywood gossip.

Here you can not only see recent events in Bollywood but also follow the gossip regarding your favorite celebrities. The most anticipated movie pics, bts and the same reviews. Have the power to promote and recognize talent. Movified offers an opportunity with a number of options to review the best of the best. All undekha undekha from Bollywood right on your phone screens here at Movified.