Rajinikanth’s biggest fan AP Muthumani dies in Chennai

AP Muthumani, the very first Rajinikanth fan to set up a fan club for the superstar, died on March 10. Muthumani, who founded the Rajinikanth Fan Association, was also extremely close to Thalaiva. In fact, he was so close to him that he could meet his favorite actor whenever he wanted.

According to sources, Rajinikanth had brought Muthumani to Chennai a few years ago after learning that he had been admitted to hospital due to health issues. Rajini then made sure he was getting the best treatment.

Picha, AP Muthumani’s father, was a building contractor. Muthumani was born in Madurai, which is extremely famous for its fan clubs of various actors. In these fan clubs, it is customary to frame photos of fan-favorite actors and worship them as gods.

The film Kavikuyil, starring Rajini (his fourth film), was released on July 29, 1977 at the Sridevi Theater in Madurai. A fan who saw the film at the Sridevi Theater at the time recalled that Rajini’s photo was framed and placed there, with “Superstar of the Era” written in English. The framing was done by Muthu’s Rajinikanth Fans Association.

Rajini has millions of fans today. They are spread across all states of India and the world. However, Muthumani stands out from the rest. He had the right to meet Rajini at home and outside without any prior permission. Rajini even attended her wedding. Without a doubt, Rajini has lost a true fan. Rest in peace Muthumani!

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