Reap the fruits of a Vedic life with the Sadhana app

During troubled times in recent years, many people have turned to the calming powers of religious practices. Realizing this simple truth, Priyanka Anand and internationally renowned expert meditator and monk author, Om Swami, have teamed up to launch the Vedic Sadhana Foundation (VSF), which runs the popular Sadhana app that is a beacon in the lives of many. people. The founders join Sunday Guardian to discuss their visionary foundation and all it has to offer. Excerpts from an edited interview:
Q: How and why did you enter this field?
A. Priyanka Anand (PA): I have an MBA in Finance from Sydney University of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Medicine from Western Sydney University. I also have over 10 years of experience as a senior executive on large-scale strategic programs managing multi-million dollar international projects in education, government, non-profit organizations and financial services.
I created VSF to recreate the beauty and prosperity of the Vedic civilization. I run this organization with a tech start-up mentality with strict adherence to the core values ​​of delivering exceptional service, truth, and creating positive impact.
Sadhana App is a free offering for the benefit of society and is run through philanthropic funding. I ensure that donor funds are used in the most wise way to advance the cause of preserving the Vedic teachings and add value to stakeholders and society as a whole, as every penny is an offering sacred place made to revive the cultural roots of India.
Om Swami is the visionary behind the mission of the organization. It is his three decades of sadhana experience, his knowledge of the Vedas and a strong background in software technology that gave shape to this digital worship platform.
Om Swami (OS): The Vedic ideology is not thousands but hundreds of years away from extinction. If we do not revive the Vedas, they will one day perish. That’s why I was so keen to spearhead this concept and make it available to the world.
Q: What services do you offer as part of VSF?
A. PA: We offer a unique digital platform for Vedic worship to users, through our immersive app Sadhana. There are no paywalls, no ads or restrictions, and it’s easily accessible on any smartphone – Android and iOS. It was designed to serve humanity and is available now in two languages, Hindi and English.
The powerful Vedic traditions of mantra chanting, sacred fire offerings and daily prayer rituals are no longer tied to temple visitation or reliance on a temple priest. One can easily follow the path of Vedas and discover the transformative power of guided rituals in stunning 3D and 2D digital temples, with five basic Vedic worship rituals of Mantra Japa, Nitya Puja, Yajnas, Abhishekam and powerful Sadhanas.
There is currently no other offer exactly like Sadhana app on the market. It is a pioneer of its kind in the religious technology industry, committed to innovation and bridging the gap between the ancient Vedic way of life and the fast-paced needs of the modern age.
Imagine how empowering it is to do the rituals yourself and feel yourself connected to the Divine.
Q: Have you felt the need for your services increase after the pandemic?
A. OS: As the game of nature forced us to be confined and to spend time with ourselves and others around us, it gave a lot of people time to think about the big questions. People needed hope, support and faith.
The pandemic has also given many people a reality check about their mental and emotional health, and the practice of sadhana has become even more important. As Sadhana not only helps create that connection with the divine within, but develops a strong EQ (emotional quotient) where you are aware of your emotions and those of others around you. It is a powerful force to have if we are to grow as a strong nation. Only technology has incredible power and reach to impact globally and bring about profound change, and we have harnessed this technology to serve humanity.
Q: How else is VSF committed to helping others?
A. PA: Vedic Sadhana Foundation raises funds to add new features and bring Vedic wisdom to people in Sadhana app. We reach out to philanthropists who want to be part of this transition and fuel new and innovative development.
I believe that staying connected to your cultural roots and nurturing our spirit through prayer and worship is as essential to our existence as eating, breathing, working and exercising. So I would say it’s important to stay connected to your roots, to believe in yourself, and to have faith in the source of divine wisdom that lives within you, that is always ready to support and guide you.
All the power of the universe resides within you, waiting to be released and transform your life. Believe in your own power, because you can live a magical life beyond imagination! A strong inner foundation, built on the wisdom of the sacred Vedas, is your greatest anchor in life, which can carry you through anything in life with utmost grace and dignity.
Reaping the rewards of mantras, daily worship and fire offerings is a vital benefit of using the app. Spiritual upliftment and self-discovery are the drivers of the application, not entertainment or recreation.
OS: If you feel you are blissful and living a meaningful life, and especially if others around you are being helped by your efforts, there is not one iota of change you need to make. In you. And you probably don’t need it. But if you are looking for an anchor of truth in life, then the Vedic path is the path to unparalleled freedom and spiritual growth.
The is available for free download from Google Play Store and App Store. The Sadhana team can be reached at [email protected]

Noor Anand Chawla writes lifestyle articles for various publications and his blog