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Streaming services no longer take second fiddle to movies. Over the past year, he may have shown exclusive new releases, from low-budget indies to big blockbusters.

One of the biggest global streaming services is Amazon Prime. Not only does Amazon Prime produce original and exclusive series like Reacher, vikings, and Good Omens, the service has also purchased exclusive rights to recently released films. This means that subscribers can view these new releases for free, from the comfort of their own homes.

Unlike direct-to-TV movies of decades past, the new content released on streaming services is of the highest quality. Films like Being the Ricardos, written by Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin, and The Electrical Life of Louis Wain have been highly anticipated and well received. And 2022 looks set to bring us more of the same, with dozens more exclusive new releases planned for the months to come.

January release date

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One of these films is Tender Bar, released on Amazon Prime the 7thand of January. Tender Bar is a sweet biopic that relies on the viewer’s nostalgia for a time and place, rather than affection for the subject. The main character here is a young JR Möhringer, known today as an American journalist and writer, and the events of the film are taken from his memoir of the same name, published in 2005.

Möhringer isn’t a household name, so he might be considered an odd choice for what is essentially a biopic, but that doesn’t make his experiences growing up on Long Island any less interesting. In fact, it makes them more accessible.


When his father comes out, young J.R. is left in the care of his determined but struggling single mother. In order to do her best for her and her son, she decides to bring the family back to Long Island and they move in with her father in his old, dilapidated house. Growing up, J.R. is torn between pursuing his dream of becoming a writer and his mother’s ambition to become a lawyer.

JR’s Uncle Charlie guides him along the way and inspires him to be true to himself. Charlie runs a bar called Dickens, but he’s not your typical bartender – Charlie is educated, chivalrous and loyal – and he quickly steps into the role of father figure.

Much of the film centers around the action within the bar, including the interactions and conversations between young J.R., Uncle Charlie, and the rest of the patrons and patrons. The film takes viewers from JR’s arrival on Long Island to his college graduation and the completion of his journey to adulthood.

To throw

The tender bar is full of recognizable faces and solid actors. Young JR is played by Daniel Rainieri, making his screen debut alongside Lily Rabe who plays his mother and Christopher Lloyd as his grandfather. The adult JR is played by Tye Sheridan of Ready Player One fame. But the main title of the film is Ben Affleck as JR’s Uncle Charlie, the main father figure in his life and the owner of the bar where the majority of the film takes place.

Affleck’s career has seen a resurgence lately, with prominent roles like Batman in The Justice League. His rekindled romance with ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez has also thrust him back into the spotlight. As a result, many new fans were introduced to the famous actor. Many also find out about his best poker skills and have been inspired to play the game themselves on websites like 888poker.

There is also a famous face behind the camera. Tender Bar is directed by none other than George Clooney, and anyone who’s a fan of his movies will instantly recognize his style. Clooney now has the time and the money to indulge himself and choose only the projects that really interest him. And he tells them like a storyteller.

You won’t find dramatic events and tons of special effects here, Tender Bar is a slow-burn movie, focusing on characters and dialogue rather than keeping the viewer on their toes. The 1970s are evoked with passion through careful dressing of the places and a study of the characters, and all those who lived during this era will feel a warm rush of nostalgia.

In summary

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Tender Bar is a warm and heartfelt take on a coming-of-age story set against a backdrop of vintage Americana. The characters are all seen through JR’s eyes and as such can sometimes seem a bit one-dimensional, and his view of Uncle Charlie doesn’t stop at hero worship, but all of those flaws are forgiven in because of the obvious affection with which the story is told.

Featuring acting heavyweights Ben Affleck, Christopher Lloyd and Lily Rabe, Tender Bar was released on Amazon Prime on the 7thand of January and can be found in the new releases and exclusive releases sections of the streaming platform. However, if you’re looking for alternative film genres, Noviascotiatoday has learned that a new season of Reacher may be on the horizon and may be added to Prime’s latest collection of unique feature film picks in the near future.