Resident Alien Scandals Exposed

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Foreign resident Season 2, Episode 8, “Alien Having dinner Party,” airing March 16 on Syfy.

Patience, the small town in the heart of Foreign resident, holds great secrets. This was recently reinforced by Sheriff Mike Thompson admitting he inadvertently caused the death of his partner in his previous career. The incident led him to a quiet place in Colorado, where he hoped to live a life of peace with his father. Mike’s tragic backstory was a reminder that almost everyone in Patience is hiding something – not wanting their past transgressions to lead to judgment in the present.

Still, the Season 2 finale revealed the biggest scandals in town, and based on what happened when those secrets came out, a lot more chaos is going to be added to everyone’s lives. “Alien Dinner Party” proved that Harry isn’t the only character with major issues. He also put together an exciting second half of the season.

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Kate found out that Ben and D'Arcy kissed in Resident Alien thanks to Mike

The first drama happened at Harry’s birthday party in the form of Mayor Ben, who had tried to turn the town into a tourist resort. Ben lied to D’Arcy about using his images for a website, when they were actually for potential investors, leading her to call him. This also led to a frustrated Kate lashing out at Ben. She wanted out of Patience and hearing her husband talk about this new project made her feel trapped. It didn’t help that she was emotional to learn she was pregnant – and she broke the news of the pregnancy in the middle of the party.

Mike then went up to him and told how D’Arcy kissed Ben the night she got high. This caused Kate to also bore D’Arcy for her inability to find a man, for carrying on her high school crush on Ben, and other indiscretions. Foreign resident looked like an episode of The Jerry Springer Show. Thankfully, Ben and Kate have calmed down and forgiven each other. However, the problems didn’t end there, as when Harry went out into the woods to find the alien child who hatched from the egg, he was shot in the chest. The shooter was none other than his mysterious New York colleague, who warned that he should never have forced Harry to kill Dr. Sam Hodges in Season 1.

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Asta shot an assassin in Resident Alien

Before the assassin could finish the job, Asta blasted him with a shotgun and killed him. She had helped D’Arcy recover in the woods – only to hear the explosion and the run. While she saved Harry’s life, she also created the worst problem of the entire episode. With the gunman dead and Harry alive (not even flinching from his gunshot wound), a shocked D’Arcy is certainly down to the truth about what she just witnessed and who Harry really is.

Worse still, the preview for the next episode showed Sheriff Mike rushing to investigate, which means Asta may have to tell him and Deputy Liv about Harry’s alien secret. If aliens like Harry and his octopus pal are revealed, it will further test Asta and Harry’s relationship. They’ve been on rocky ground for some time on how to keep his truth a secret. With the army circling around, more people know that means more danger for Harry – and everyone around him as well. A Foreign resident the episode potentially blew the show wide open.

Created by Chris Sheridan, Resident Alien Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.

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