Sibling Entrepreneurs Paving the Way for a New Dimension of Devotion

February 26: As the world adjusts to the pandemic era and the lifestyle changes it brings, Hindu devotion or the concept of virtual worship is now seeing a new dawn. These centuries-old institutions filled with the culture, stories and faith of millions of devotees around the world have not seen much innovation in recent decades.

However, Templelinks, a mobile application and a disruptive startup for this sector, changes the game. By placing temples across India on a global platform, Templelinks introduces a concept of virtual Hindu worship with a platform where temples can now offer their services online such as Puja booking, virtual waiting and donations. The app does not charge any registration fees from temples or processing fees from devotees for booking puja.

Templelinks is founded by entrepreneurial siblings Sanuja Sajeevan and Sanjey Sajeevan. Sanuja is the Managing Director of the company who uses her 8-year expertise in sales and marketing to build the brand, user base and temple listings. She is also the Executive Director of ESY India – one of the leading POS companies in the country, founded by her father – Dr. VP Sajeevan, in 2012.

Sanjey, an engineer with a degree in B.Tech Computer Science from VIT University, leads the technical infrastructure and application development team. The app was launched on a pilot in October 2020 with 25 temples and 500 devotees and has now grown into an optimized and efficient version with over 250 temples and a worldwide network of devotees with multiple in-app functions such as online puja booking, live darshan, devotional music, temple photography, donations, virtual queue and much more.

Although a product launched in the time of COVID, Sanuja believes Templelinks is building a lifestyle brand for decades to come.

Templelinks is striving to achieve its vision of being the largest virtual worship technology conglomerate by 2025, with 10,000 temples and 100 million worshippers.
To learn more, download Templelinks from Play Store / App Store