South Indians highlight stereotypes shown in Hindi films


Many Bollywood films are for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously. However, unconsciously over the years, they have managed to make us believe certain stereotypes that still inhabit our brains.

Like all Punjabi moms they are neat monsters and loud AF, or all South Indians worship Allu Arjun or Rajnikanth and have a weird Hindi accent.

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And like us, one Twitter user also used the stereotypical depiction of South Indian houses which are usually made of wood, have a huge open veranda or courtyard with traditional looking metal swings installed for Madrasis to savor. his 100th cup of Kaapi in a metal cup. It is undoubtedly beautiful, but not everyone has it.

And while @_subiiii shatters this myth for people online, others have gone to the comments section and denounced such a stereotypical portrayal of cultures in Hindi cinema.


I repeat, movies are not meant to be taken literally. So the next time you see a Punjabi, don’t start yelling: ‘Shaarty kitthey party? ‘