S’porean plays worship songs during flight, called out for being inappropriate

Singaporean man slammed for singing Christian songs during flight

Imagine sitting back and enjoying your flight…only to be subjected to an impromptu karaoke session. Not a typical airplane experience, is it?

This was what greeted passengers on an easyJet flight when one man took the initiative to spread joy with songs of worship in the middle of the journey.

Despite his good intentions, reactions to his behavior have been mixed.

Many have criticized him for being inconsiderate towards other travellers, while others believe his behavior was harmless.

A Singaporean sang worship songs during the flight

In a 20 second clip posted on Twitter on April 16, a man is seen singing worship songs in the middle of a flight.

Source: Twitter

The man, who has since been identified as Singaporean Jonathan Neo, strums his guitar as he heartily sings a Christian worship song in the center of the aisle.

Other passengers also sing along with him.

Source: Twitter

However, not everyone was so excited – the camera pans out to a few people who seem decidedly less thrilled about the free show.

Source: Twitter

The video itself contains the caption, “Worshipping Jesus from 30,000 feet in the air!” However, the short clip’s OP doesn’t seem to share the same happy sentiment.

Instead, he wrote, “Imagine getting on a plane and having to listen to this.”

The tweet has since gone viral with over 30 million views and has been posted on other platforms like ICT TacNeo’s actions sparking intense debate over the playing of worship songs during robberies.

Criticized for singing worship songs

Neo may have just intended to uplift his fellow travelers, but he got a very different response than he expected.

Many criticized his actions, saying they were reckless and disruptive.

Source: ICT Tac

A TikToker joked that she would demand her money back if she was on that plane. Another pointed out that, religious or not, it was not appropriate for Neo to “disrupt the flight” like this.

Source: ICT Tac

Others argued that flying was nerve-wracking enough, so Neo didn’t need to make the situation worse for the other passengers.

Source: ICT Tac

This commenter even had a cheeky suggestion for an alternate song to counter the one Neo was singing.

Source: ICT Tac

Additionally, a TikTok user went as far as doxx Neo, posting his social media accounts in his video.

However, there are those who don’t find Neo’s behavior aggravating. A few users said he should be allowed to sing his songs if he wants.

Source: ICT Tac

Some also considered the hostile reactions to Neo’s behavior to be excessive.

Source: ICT Tac

One said that while it might be inappropriate, calling what Neo was doing “scary” would be going too far.

Neo’s social media accounts have been deleted

It seems the reactions eventually got too much for Neo to bear. According to AsiaOnemost of his social media accounts have been deleted.

They also reported that Neo had obtained permission from the easyJet flight crew to perform during the trip.

MS News tried to contact Neo, but all attempts have been unsuccessful so far.

Source: Twitter

Prior to the incident, Neo was spotted performing a similar performance with his group for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

In an interview with Christian media site Thir.sthe said it’s something he does often.

Most of the time… I pick up a guitar and head to the station to lead a team of evangelists, devotees, translators, and people who love healing.

Should Neo have played during the flight?

Both sides of the argument for Neo’s form of “in-flight entertainment” have equal merit.

On the one hand, his performance inconvenienced the other passengers. After all, not everyone is ready to listen to live songs – religious or not – in the middle of a grueling plane journey.

On the other hand, Neo definitely had good intentions – he was content to share his faith with others, perhaps to encourage them in these trying times.

What do you think of Neo’s behavior? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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