The 10 Most Iconic Spaceships To Ever Fly, According To Reddit

In the star wars honesty, the little details matter a lot. As such, even single-use weapons rarely go unnamed, and neither do starships. In a galaxy with more than 1.3 million habitable planets, fast and efficient means of transportation are needed. Hundreds of ships have been featured in the franchise’s movies, TV shows, books, and video games.

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Since the (fictional) invention of the hyperdrive, most starships can travel faster than the speed of light, allowing them to travel more easily between different solar systems. But which ones have been the most impressive so far in terms of design, functionality and overall wow factor? The editors have chosen a few.


Azure Angel

Anakin's Azure Angel as seen in the Star Was novels

The Azure Angel is piloted by Anakin Skywalker at the start of the Clone Wars event. LeRexen calls it gorgeous, adding, “It’s one of the reasons I always come back to clone wars by Gendy Tartakovsky.”

Unlike most other ships, the name of the Azzure Angel, which is rather sweet to the ears, is not tied to her functionality. Instead, it’s tied to one of the best star wars novels. Anakin named it after his lover, Padmé Amidala. It’s not basic either since Anakin made several changes to it to improve performance. Thanks to the upgrades, it is almost indestructible.

Naboo L1 Hunter


Editor skysamfreeman says, “When it comes to design, I’ve always thought the Naboo N1 Starfighter was the best.” The N1 is primarily used by the Royal Naboo Security Forces for patrol and defence.

The fact that the N1 was recently chosen by Mando as one of his favorite ships makes it more special. In episode 5 of Bobba Fett’s book, Motto tells Mando that the N1 was handcrafted by Naboo’s Royal Guard and commissioned by the Queen. Generally, handmade vehicles, planes, and ships tend to be more valuable, as is the case with any of the more expensive ones. fast furious cars, the Noble M600.

Vulture-class droid fighter

Vulture droids in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

PawSkywalker claims the Vulture Droid is the best because “they don’t even have to recruit anyone to pilot it.” It is normally used as a combat ship by the Trade Federation and the Confederation of Independent Systems.

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Unmanned aircraft translate to fewer casualties, making the Vulture-Class Droid Starfighter a more ideal starship for any galactic general or rebel leader. Additionally, it is implied that vultures bring good luck as they are made in the factories of Xi Char Cathedral, where precision engineering is considered an act of worship.

The executor

Star Wars Executioner

The personal ship of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, is also considered iconic. DarkSatoris states: “The Executor is a formidable ship. One of the largest ships in science fiction history at 12 miles long.”

Off the bat, The Devastator is already pretty good as Vader’s spaceship, so the fact that he considers The Executor an upgrade says a lot. As the commanding ship of the Death Squad, the Executor proves to be very effective during battle scenes. Additionally, its many chambers make it harder to destroy.

star destroyer

Three Star Destroyers from Star Wars

The Star Destroyer is used by the Galactic Republic, First Order, Galactic Empire, and Sith Eternal in various stages. Editor johnsnoflake76 states, “I always thought the simple Star Destroyer always stood out to me as having one of the most atmospheric/identifiable designs in the franchise.”

A line of dialogue from the former first governor of Haidoral, Everi Chalis confirms his awesomeness. According to her, the Star Destroyer is the most resource intensive ship in the galaxy. There’s also variety among Star Destroyers, with notable examples of sub-models like Star Dreadnoughts and Battlecruisers.

T-65 X-Wing

X-Wing art from the original Star Wars trilogy

Editor disgusting think the T-65 is the best of the best. They state, “I don’t think anything can beat the T-65 X-Wing even though many have tried.”

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The T-65 is arguably the most perfect ship for combat. Like fighter jets, the T-65 has only one pilot’s seat. Its small size makes it ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces and dodging attacks from enemy ships. Another thing that makes it a pilot’s dream is its transparsteel canopy that blocks out harmful light as well as life support systems that can last up to a week. Thanks to its reliability, it became one of the most used ships of the Rebel Alliance.

Hammerhead Corvette

Star Wars: Rebels Hammerhead Corvette

Hammerhead sharks prove to be a favorite form of transportation for the Resistance. Avengers_jiu-jitsu is full of praise for them. writing, “They remind me of KOTOR, and the fact that they are tough as nails as demonstrated in A thug is a big bonus.”

Hammerhead sharks are superior to most ships because they are safer, as they were specifically built to transport people and cargo without having to rely on escort vessels. Its cylinder-shaped hull makes it perfect for transporting goods. According to Star Wars: Rebel Files it is said to be capable of carrying 22,833 metric tons.

TIE fighter

A TIE Fighter on a planet in Star Wars

Jcowl34 is impressed with the TIE, commenting, “It looks nothing like a flying craft, and yet it looks evil as hell.” Called “eyeballs” by New Republic pilots, TIEs are used by Imperial forces during the Galactic Civil War.

The TIE looks much more like a satellite than a ship, and the Redditor is correct in describing the TIE as one of the more unique spacecraft. Unfortunately, its brilliance lies only in aesthetics. Ships are easily destroyed during battles, so it is necessary for pilots to take a vow of upgradeability before signing up to pilot them.

The visionary

G0-T0's spaceships move across the galaxy in Star Wars

The leader of the criminal exchange organization G0-T0 uses The Visionary as a means of transportation. SevenSulkySerbs comments, “I really like how much you can learn about the ship’s defenses while trying to escape from them too.”

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As one of the few ships owned by an actual droid, The Visionary is easy to tell apart from the rest. And aside from just being a means of transportation, The Visionary also serves as the droid control center from which thousands of droids across the galaxy are commanded. And as an ideal base for the bad guys, it has holding cells and torture chambers.

Slave I

ElderSith feels that the Slave I has “great design and some of the best sound effects in the entire franchise”. The ship is first owned by Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett and his son Biba Fett.

The most impressive feature of the Slave I is its military sensor, which allows it to jam signals and disappear from any scanning system. Another element of technical creativity found there is a bridge that allows passengers to remain standing regardless of the position of the ship. Its name is also apt because it has very secure compartments to prevent prisoners from escaping.

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