The best songs of praise during the COVID-19 crisis, according to the church’s tech company

Christians sing the heartwarming old hymn “It Is Well With My Soul” during the coronavirus crisis.

A religious tech company analyzed the song selections its customers made during the global pandemic and found the nearly 150-year-old eve to be the most-sung cult song.

That didn’t surprise Marshall Brown, the Faithlife data scientist who calculated the numbers, especially given the song’s powerful origin story.

“This is a goal Christians are reaching out to in these troubled or uncertain times,” Brown said.

Horatio Spafford wrote “It Is Well With My Soul” after the sinking of a ship carrying his wife Anna and their four daughters in 1873, according to the Library of Congress. After her rescue, Anna Spafford sent a telegram to her husband which read: “Saved alone”.

Before building its echoing chorus, the song begins with “When peace like a river, witness my soul.”

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“It Is Well With My Soul” isn’t the only song to see an increase in usage during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Brown found 32 more when he examined those chosen by the nearly 12,000 churches of all sizes and denominations that use Faithlife Proclaim, the Washington State society’s church presentation software.

“We measured the songs that had the largest increase (in percentage) in use from March 15 to 31 and April 20 to May 10 compared to their use in February, before lockdowns from COVID-19 hit. be put into effect, ”reports Faithlife. on cult trend states.

Many churches have suspended in-person services and moved online worship in a bid to slow the spread of the virus.

Brown skipped Easter in his analysis because churches revolve around certain songs of praise during holiday periods.

The 33 songs are a mixture of old hymns and contemporary songs. Here are the top 10 songs:

  1. “It’s in my soul and conscience”
  2. “Great is your loyalty”
  3. “More slaves”
  4. “Raise a hallelujah”
  5. “See a victory”
  6. “The Solid Rock”
  7. “You never let go”
  8. “Yes”
  9. “Corner stone”
  10. “He will hold me back quickly”

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