The Digital Revolution of Vedic Worship in the 21st Century: The Next Big Thing

With over a thousand ratings on the Playstore and App store and a 4.9 rating, Sadhana is the fastest growing free spiritual app in the world.

Private financing at a cost exceeding $1.3MSadhana App is currently supported by generous donors who believe in the cause and realize the importance of reviving Vedic traditions to pass on to future generations.

The ancient Vedic way of life has become mainstream in the 21st century with digital worship. Now, spirituality is also just a click away. Founded on Vedic teachings, Sadhana app is a stunning virtual world set in the mystical land of Siddhāshrama, hidden deep within the Himalayas. It is a sacred place mentioned in many scriptures, where some of the greatest sages and rishis invoked deities of the Hindu pantheon such as Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and the mother goddess with the most sublime Vedic rituals.

While ancient temples with rich architectural design and glorious deities attract the user, it is the interactive user interface that sets this app apart from its contemporaries. The app allows users to anoint deities of their choice with Abhishekam, perform powerful mantra or japa chanting, nitya pujas, Vedic sadhana and yagyas or fire offerings in a guided manner, with just a touch of the finger on the screen of a smartphone.

An original idea by an internationally renowned monk and author Om Swamithis app is based on over three decades of own sadhana experience, deep knowledge of vedic scriptures and technology.

Om Swami said, “Vedic ideology is not thousands but hundreds of years away from extinction.” He further points out, “If we do not revive the Vedas now, they will one day perish and there will be no Bhagavad Gita, No Sandhya Vandan, Yoga Sutras or Sanskrit left. Our rich spiritual heritage will be lost.”

Sadhana App’s hand-picked team includes some of the best artists and award-winning digital creators from countries like France, Germany, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, Spain, Canada, England, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia and of course, India.

Sadhana app is available for free download in Hindi and English from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There are no ads, paywalls or restrictions. Click on the link below.


Om Swami, multi-millionaire before becoming a monk, an MBA from sydney, is the author of fifteen books on meditation, wellness and spirituality, with bestsellers like Kundalini, The Ancient Science of Mantras and If Truth Be Told. He is one of the greatest meditators in the world, having devoted over 15,000 hours to meditation and mantra sadhana, many of them in complete solitude in the caves and woods of the Himalayas. He learned and mastered Vedic chanting at the age of eleven. Hypnotized by the melodious verses, the sadhana mantra became the basis of his spiritual journey.

Vedic Sadhana Foundation is an 80G registered non-profit organization, serving humanity.

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