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Following the huge success of the Disney+ Original series, “The Imagineering Story,” a new book by Leslie Iwerks, is out today in digital and physical formats. It is available from a variety of different retailers, including Amazon.

The highly acclaimed and rated Disney+ documentary series, “The Story of Imagination »becomes a book that dramatically expands award-winning filmmaker Leslie Iwerks’ account of the fascinating history of Walt Disney Imagineering.

The entire WDI legacy is covered from day one through future projects with never-before-seen access and information from people both inside and out. So many stories and details have been left on the cutting room floor – this book allows for a deep exploration of the magic of Imagineering.

So many insider stories are presented.

  • Sculptor Blaine Gibson’s wife used to kick him under the table in restaurants for looking at interesting people sitting nearby, and he even found himself studying faces during Sunday morning worship. “You mean some of these characters might have characteristics based on people you went to church with?” Marty Sklar once asked Gibson for the Imagineer sculptures for Pirates of the Caribbean. “He finally confessed to me that it was true.”
  • In the beginning, Walt Disney Imagineering “was in a small building and everyone would park in the back and you would walk in through the model store, and you could see everything that was going on,” recalls Marty Sklar. “When we started the World Expo in 1960 and 1961, we had 100 people here. So everyone knew everything about what was going on and the status of [each] project, you really felt like you were part of the whole team, whether you were working on that project or not. And, you know, there was so much talent here.

In the six-hour original documentary series from Oscar-nominated director Leslie Iwerks, chronicles the sixty-seven-year history of Walt Disney Imagineering, a place best described as equal parts artist’s studio, design hub, a think tank and an innovation lab. It’s where an eclectic group of creative people bring ideas to life. They are responsible for building twelve theme parks around the world – the happiest places on earth. The documentary series “The Imagineering Story” is now available on Disney+

You can buy “The Imagineering Story” now from various retailers, including Amazon.

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