The online platform seeks to attract people to an encounter with God through worship

Price Love (Center), who will be headlining the inaugural Healing Praise Session this Saturday with part of the Sinza Worship team. PICTURE WITH SUBJECT’S AUTHORIZATION.

By our journalist

The global pandemic and all that it has brought about has drastically changed most of life as we know it. But the uniqueness of this situation is that we are all facing the same thing together, yet being apart.

While Ugandans have passed through the first wave of the pandemic with relative strength and hope it may end soon, the second wave is much more difficult. It caused fear, but more importantly, it stretched our faith. With the second wave, the reality of COVID-19 has taken a new toll on everyone, even Christians whose faith should be unshakable.

But as prayer houses remain closed and some opt for online ministry, many people who have developed an addiction to edifying from the confines of the church feel even more isolated and lost. While some people seek to find God in these dark times, many others experience a sense of helplessness and hopelessness – a feeling that God is silent and or even absent.

It is in this context that Sinza Worship was born. Sinza Worship is an online platform that brings people to meet God through worship and shared experiences. According to Felix Kitaka the visionary, the idea arose out of his personal experience in the face of uncertainty.

“In my lowest moments, I have always found strength, hope and peace in worship. I have to be deliberate to shut off the noise and divert attention away from myself and what I’m dealing with and toward God. When we do this, we remember God’s place, God’s character and God’s promises and find more reason to give thanks despite what we may face, ”said Felix Kitaka.

He adds that the idea behind Sinza Worship was to create a platform that offers the same opportunity to the nation in the present day. It is important that we develop a spirit-led attitude of worship alongside prayer individually and collectively in each season of life. This is based on the truth that the character of God is consistent in all seasons and on the need for us to submit to the authority of God!

Sinza Worship will officially present its inaugural thirty (30) minute online worship session titled “Worship of Healing” under the theme Waali which translates to “God is here” from Isaiah 41:10, this Saturday the 31stst July 2021 at 8:00 p.m. on the Sinza Worship YouTube channel.

Worship sessions will be led by different cult leaders with the inaugural session titled by Price Kwagala commonly referred to as Price Love, a Ugandan Christian cult leader, soul gospel singer and songwriter whose expressed mission is to use his music to make the change. in the state of mind and transformation in the world but especially in the Christian music industry. ”

According to Price Love, with so much going on around us, it’s very easy to forget who we are and why we are. We are created for worship, created to make His praise glorious.

“Our hope, our healing, our restoration, our freedom are found at the altar of worship. There, everything else ceases to exist and all eyes are on the One who controls all life. I know without a doubt that we will find whatever we seek in the worship of our father. God is not limited. The extent to which we want it is the extent to which we will receive it, ”adds Price Love.

The time has come, and the time is now for us to raise one voice in worship. In doing so, the chains will be broken, burdens will be lifted, needs met, hearts healed, and the voice of God will teach His people. We must all be ready to receive what the Father has in store for us – now more than ever!

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