The untold truth of the boy soldier of the boys

The most obvious superhero influence on “The Boys”‘ Soldier Boy, both in the comics and on the show, is of course Captain America. Like Cap, he is an overly patriotic symbol of American dominance with enhanced super strength who fought in World War II. He even has a special, iconic shield. In the show, his militaristic superhero costume—complete with his mask made from a military helmet—visually evokes the MCU’s version of the character.

However, in the comics, Soldier Boy is not only based on Captain America but also on Captain America’s young ward, Bucky, as some sort of composite character (similar to how Homelander is an amalgamation of Superman and Captain America). Her suit is spandex with shorts in a parody of Bucky – and other superhero sidekicks – revealing unprotected superhero outfits.

The show also alludes to this union of the two characters. In it, Soldier Boy gains a new backstory that differs from the comics. In this version of events, he was a hero who was thought to be dead, but had actually been kidnapped and experimented on by Russian scientists during the Cold War. This scenario refers to The Winter Soldier from the MCU, which also aged Bucky to become a contemporary of Steve Rogers.